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Post-It Notes from The Mailman....

December 09, 2008 by Guest

Hello again Stiller fans,

- What a great win the Steelers had Sunday over the Cowboys. Hopefully it will carry over to the Ravens game. My only hope is that the crappy referees do not determine the outcome.

- Did anyone else notice that James Harrison sacked Romo and made him fumble in the first quarter and we scored a touchdown...?  The refs said it was a pass attempt.  If you have another chance to look at it see what you think. I think he was pulling the ball back in.  I wish Tomlin would have challenged this. Where was his eye in the sky in the booth?

- The difference in the Ravens game should be Ben vs. Borat [Flacco]. Ben has a Super Bowl ring and has won a lot of big games. Flacco has beaten the Bengals, Browns, Texans and lost to any team with a good record. It might not have been noticed by some but Flacco had a crappy game against the Redskins.

- Was there ever a better example of Arian�s imbecilic play-calling than the run by Russell on fourth down?  Everybody in the stadium and watching at home knew what was coming. Doesn�t this idiot know we don�t have Bettis, Faneca, Hartings anymore?  The Steelers have a good record in spite of Arians, not because of him.

- Did anyone see Ed Reed�s last INT against the Redskins? He fell down on purpose and held the ball straight up in the air.  Randle El grabbed it and starting running and the ref stopped play. Can�t the referees get anything right?  He was not down by contact.  At least this did not determine the outcome.

- Mitch Berger will cost the Steelers a game sooner than later. Does he have compromising photos of Tomlin or Colbert?  Santonio actually ran a punt back and didn�t call for a fair catch and look at the result. I hope this is a new habit for him. The Steelers must try and draft a returner next year. Just don�t let whoever scouted Willie Reid and Ricardo Colclough make the decision.

- Last but not least, let us hope the Steelers are fired up from the beginning and kick the shit out of Rats. Ray Lewis is a bigger prima donna than TO, Burress and Chad Johnson put together. I hope Hines earholes him a few times.

Yours in Steelerism,

The Still Mailman

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