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Power Rankings (week 6)

October 13, 2010 by Steel Haven

1.1.Baltimore Ravens4-1Getting Rice back on track makes the offense scary.
2.2.Pittsburgh Steelers3-1Big Ben is back.
3.3.New York Jets4-1Revis' hamstring seems like it will be a problem all season.
4.4.Atlanta Falcons4-1Still undefeated in the conference and division.
5.11.New York Giants3-2Back-to-back dominating defensive performances against teams that are a combined 7-3.
6.8.New England Patriots3-1I really didn't want to move them up when the only thing they did on the bye was trade Moss and make their team worse. The poor play of other teams previously ranked above them made that impossible.
7.10.Indianapolis Colts3-2Toughed out a victory against the resurgent Chiefs despite Manning not throwing a TD pass.
8.5.New Orleans Saints3-2Hard to win when you give up a fumble and interception return for touchdowns. Does Bush�s presence really make this much difference to the offense?
9.12.Chicago Bears4-1Forte's breakthrough performance on the ground allowed them to overcome Collins completing only 6 passes and throwing 4 interceptions.
10.18.Tennessee Titans3-2Reaped the rewards of taking the shackles off VY and Britt.
11.19.Washington Redskins3-2Winning ugly.
12.20.Philadelphia Eagles3-2Kolb was fine after a full week of work with the first team.
13.6.Green Bay Packers3-2Have been outscored by the Lions on the season. Seriously.
14.7.Houston Texans3-2Supposed offensive juggernaut managed only 11 first downs at home.
15.22.Tampa Bay Buccaneers3-1Took full advantage of Palmer�s late game implosion.
16.15.Kansas City Chiefs3-1Every team has a loss after 4 games for the first time since 1970. Last year there were still 5 undefeated teams after week 5. Probably gained more respect for their close loss to the Colts than their victories.
17.9.San Diego Chargers2-3Lost despite outgaining the Raiders by 506 to 279 yards after giving up 2 blocked punts and 12 points in the first 5 minutes.
18.25.Arizona Cardinals3-2A different team at home.
19.13.Cincinnati Bengals2-3Palmer's 3 interceptions (2 in the final 2 and a half minutes) led to 17 points (10 in the final 86 seconds).
20.26.Jacksonville Jaguars3-2Turned their season around after blowout loss to the Eagles. Visit from the Titans is suddenly a big game in the AFC South.
21.21.Miami Dolphins2-2Undefeated '72 team gets to pop the cork on the champagne early this season.
22.14.Dallas Cowboys1-3Couldn't overcome Romo's 3 interceptions. Wins by the surging Giants, Redskins and Eagles put them behind the 8 ball.
23.16.Minnesota Vikings1-3A lot like this week's opponent the Cowboys. A pair of desperate teams that thought they were legitimate contenders with only a single win each.
24.17.Denver Broncos2-3Failed to gain 50 yards rushing for a third straight game. Trade for Maroney proving to be a waste.
25.24.Seattle Seahawks2-2Can Lynch overcome poor offensive line play and improve the running game?
26.29.Oakland Raiders2-3Broke 13 game losing streak to Chargers.
27.31.Detriot Lions1-4Snapped their 10 game losing streak.
28.23.St. Louis Rams2-3Crashed to earth quickly after 2 game winning streak with embarrassing blowout loss in Detroit.
29.27.Cleveland Browns1-4High ankle sprains for both Delhomme and Wallace mean McCoy or Ratliff will be forced into the lineup in Pittsburgh.
30.28.San Fransisco 49ers0-5Team president York still expects them to win the division. He must be smoking what those players from Washington St. were growing in their basement.
31.30.Carolina Panthers0-5Managed only 147 yards of total offense. Time to blow this up and start over by trading Williams and Smith. Was Kiper�s rating of Claussen as a top 10 pick a function of his close relationship with agent Wichard as alleged in SI this week? Seems like it so far.
32.32.Buffalo Bills0-5Utterly hopeless to steal a phrase from Peter King of SI.

*Last week's ranking
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