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Power Rankings (week 9)

November 04, 2009 by Steel Haven

1.1.New Orleans Saints7-0Only 3 of their remaining 9 opponents currently have a winning record.
2.2.Indianapolis Colts7-0Can take a commanding 3.5 game lead in the division with a victory over the visiting Texans.
3.6.Minnesota Vikings7-1Favre had the last laugh torching his old comrades for 515 yards, 7 TDs and no interceptions in a pair of victories.
4.4.New England Patriots5-2Having an extra week to gameplan against the original wildcat can only help Belichick.
5.5.Pittsburgh Steelers5-2Big play ability on offense and defense makes them a favorite in Denver. Of course they need to limit the turnovers and avoid giving up big plays on special teams. Neither is a given.
6.3.Denver Broncos6-1Facing adversity for the first time under McDaniels with a visit from Pittsburgh after their first loss in Baltimore.
7.11.Dallas Cowboys5-2Scored 110 points in the last 3 weeks.
8.12.Philadelphia Eagles5-2Rebounded with a vengeance after the debacle in Oakland.
9.9.Cincinnati Bengals5-2Main competition for the Steelers in the AFC North likely to be decided this week in Cincinnati.
10.14.Baltimore Ravens4-3Halted a 3 game losing streak and saved their season by knocking the Broncos from the ranks of the unbeaten.
11.7.Arizona Cardinals4-3Reversed last year's pattern so far this season by being dominant on the road and struggling at home.
12.8.New York Giants5-3Entering panic mode with Manning the younger failing to complete 50% of his passes during their 3 game losing streak.
13.16.Houston Texans5-3Moats rushed for 126 yards and scored 3 TDs on the ground after Slaton fumbled on his first carry and was benched.
14.17.San Diego Chargers4-3Undefeated against teams with losing records. Winless against teams with winning records.
15.10.Green Bay Packers4-3A lack of pocket awareness by Rodgers makes a bad offensive line look even worse.
16.18.Chicago Bears4-3Nothing like a game against the Browns to make you feel better about yourself.
17.13.Atlanta Falcons4-3Recent struggles of the pass defense shouldn't matter against the Redskins.
18.20.Miami Dolphins3-4Ginn Jr. reponded to his benching at WR by becoming the first player ever to score 2 TDs of 100+ yards in the same game on a pair of kick returns in the 3rd quarter.
19.15.New York Jets4-4Breakdowns resulting in big plays continue to cripple them whether it be special teams or their QB.
20.19.San Fransisco 49ers3-4Lost despite holding Manning the elder TD-less in Indy.
21.24.Carolina Panthers3-4Got revenge for last years playoff loss to the Cardinals.
22.21.Jacksonville Jaguars3-4Let Garrard go 14 of 27 passing for 139 yards and 2 interceptions against the leagues worst passing defense while MJD gained 177 yards on only 8 carries. Nice job of in game adjustments by OC Koetter.
23.22.Buffalo Bills3-5Firing Schonert at the start of the season predictably did nothing to improve their popgun offense.
24.23.Seattle Seahawks2-5What was the point of making retread Mora Jr. the coach in waiting before last season? He's another legitimate candidate to be one and done.
25.31.Tennessee Titans1-6Switch to VY worked for at least a week.
26.25.Oakland Raiders2-6Could Cable soap opera diverting attention from their pitiful play actually be viewed as a good thing by the senile Davis? Does Davis even remember Cable is his coach?
27.26.Kansas City Chiefs1-6LJ was officialy suspended for 2 weeks and fined a single game check. Will he ever play for them again? Does it matter?
28.27.Cleveland Browns1-7Fired first year GM Kokinas after only 8 games just a few days after parting ways with Mangini confident and director of team operations O'Brien. Could Mangini be one and done? Will owner Lerner ever get this right? As Steelers fans lets hope not.
29.28.Washington Redskins2-5Banned signs for the fans safety, not to avoid embarrassment. <:rolleyes/>
30.32.St. Louis Rams1-7Ended their 17 game losing streak and got Spagnola his first win.
31.29.Detriot Lions1-6Must have felt bad for the previously winless Rams.
32.30.Tampa Bay Buccaneers0-7Lonely at the bottom for the last remaining of the winless. Switch to rookie Freeman at QB coming off the bye makes sense even if it is unlikely to help now.

*Last week's ranking
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