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Post It Notes from The Mailman

January 14, 2009 by Guest

   Hello again Stiller fans,

-          Brian Blankenship was an over-achieving guard for the Steelers in the 80�s who wore number 60. One of his career highlights was leveling Brian Bosworth and taking his headband off and waving it around like a trophy.


-          Bruce Arians must have had Carey Davis in some fantasy league last week. Why else do you worry about getting him touches? Give the ball to Casey Hampton at the goal line instead of Davis. At least he would have some push.


-          We all know the fake punt was a bad call but at least Tomlin has balls. Cowher never had balls in the playoffs except for 2005 and look at the result. If Tony Sparano had balls the Dolphins might have beaten the Ravens.


-          The Ravens have a weak secondary even with the undisciplined Ed Reed. Does he ever make a tackle without trying to rip the ball out? This will backfire eventually. Jim Leonhard should be targeted early and often. He is slow and not the best tackler. He was guarding Santonio on the touchdown at the goalline last game. The Ravens corners should get torched also. If the Steelers can run the ball and protect Ben this game is over early.


-          Joe Flacco is a phony. I have seen him compared to Unitas, Montana and Ben. He has not personally won a playoff game yet. His stats have been mediocre at best. During Ben�s rookie year the Steelers won some games because of him, not in spite of him. Why hasn�t anyone on defense this year pounded his ass when he splits out wide?


-          I worry more about the Ravens trying to injure Steeler players more than them winning the game. There is no bigger group of P.O.S. cheap shot artists than the Ravens defense. They tried to break Chris Johnson in two after a play last week and the refs called a penalty on the Titans. I also fear the refs stealing one away from us. Will the Ravens be allowed to hold on every pass play like the Chargers?


-          Back to Flacco. He has had a hand in both Steeler victories this year. His fumble and Woodley�s touchdown in the first game and his taking a sack from Timmons in the second putting the Rats out of field goal range. I predict he chokes big time Sunday. He called two timeouts against the Titans and should have been called for delay of game another time. The Ravens got help from the refs on that one but they will never admit it. They are still whining about Santonio�s touchdown.


-          Ray Lewis an All-Pro again? He is the Ravens� Gildong. He has missed so many tackles this year it isn�t funny. I can see Ngata and Reed and maybe Scott or Suggs but Ray? I hope the Rats reward him with a gigantic contract so he cripples their salary cap for years to come.


-          Please Coach Lebeau, make Flacco look like the rookie he is Sunday. Enjoy the game everybody... and do you remember Rich Erenberg?


Yours in Stillerism,


The Still Mailman


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