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Power Rankings (Final)

January 06, 2010 by Steel Haven

1.2.San Diego Chargers13-3Can Rivers join Roethlisberger and Manning the younger as members of the class of '04 to win a Super Bowl?
2.1.Indianapolis Colts14-2Learned nothing from past failures when benching starters after clinching early.
3.7.Minnesota Vikings12-4Eagles loss gives them the bye. A week off can only help Favre. An explosive team that can beat anybody. Of course Favre and Purple Jesus could just as easily combine to turn the ball over multiple times to torpedo their chances.
4.4.New Orleans Saints13-3Three game losing streak which started before they had the top seed sewn up has got to be disconcerting.
5.10.Dallas Cowboys11-5Beating a team three times in a season is not as hard as some would have you believe. Look at the Steelers and Ravens last season. Or the Steelers and Browns in 2002. Still, it would be fun to witness the turmoil caused by them not winning their first playoff game since 1996.
6.3.Philadelphia Eagles11-5Had offensive opportunities last weekend in Dallas, just failed to make plays. Need to be more worried about how Garrett and Romo easily handled their blitzes.
7.9.Green Bay Packers11-5Capers led switch to the 3-4 was a rousing success.
8.5.New England Patriots10-6Loss of Welker is a blow.
9.6.Arizona Cardinals10-6Improvement as a road team helped offset a .500 record at home.
10.8.Cincinnati Bengals10-6Zimmer's work with the defense is what got them into the playoffs.
11.11.Pittsburgh Steelers9-7Inexplicable five game losing streak during the soft part of their schedule cost them a playoff spot. Aging defense needs to be addressed.
12.12.Baltimore Ravens9-7Flacco made the playoffs for a second straight year despite taking a small step backwards.
13.14.Houston Texans9-7First winning season in franchise history. I would have liked to have seen them in the playoffs over the Ravens or Jets because of their offensive firepower.
14.15.Atlanta Falcons9-7Topped .500 in consecutive seasons for the first time in franchise history despite taking a step backwards.
15.16.New York Jets9-7Needed to have the Colts and Bengals lie down in the final two weeks to win as many games as they did last year with Mangini. I am not buying into the hype.
16.17.Tennessee Titans8-8VY re-establishing himself had to be a pleasant surprise. Too bad they wasted so much time with Collins at the start of the season.
17.18.Carolina Panthers8-8Moore's performance after the injury to Delhomme saved Fox.
18.20.San Fransisco 49ers8-8Had a non-losing season for the first time since 2002.
19.13.Denver Broncos8-8Collapsed after a 6-0 start.
20.19.New York Giants8-8Lost their final two by a combined score of 85-16.
21.21.Miami Dolphins7-9Development of Henne takes some of the sting out of losing four more games than last year.
22.23.Chicago Bears7-9Lovie gets a reprieve because the McCaskey's are too cheap to pay more than one head coach at a time. Offensive staff was not so lucky. Need to find an offensive coordinator that can play to Cutler's strengths, not accentuate his weaknesses.
23.22.Jacksonville Jaguars7-9Treading water despite the best efforts of MJD.
24.24.Cleveland Browns5-11Is Mangini getting a bad rap? He improved the Browns by a game and his old team needed help to get to the same record as he had last year.
25.26.Buffalo Bills6-10Starting over.
26.25.Oakland Raiders5-11Russell has set the franchise back. Davis' refusal to admit Russell is a bust makes things worse (if that is possible).
27.30.Kansas City Chiefs4-12Charles was a revelation. Cassel a disappointment.
28.27.Tampa Bay Buccaneers3-13Morris gets a reprieve because they didn't want to pay Cowher.
29.28.Washington Redskins4-12Will Snyder be able to leave Shanahan alone to do his job?
30.29.Seattle Seahawks5-11Hasselbeck is clearly on the downside.
31.31.Detriot Lions2-14Have some building blocks at the offensive skill positions. Desperately need to add talent to the defense and offensive line.
32.32.St. Louis Rams1-15On the clock. Choices appear to be Suh or a reach for Clausen or Bradford. The temptation to take a QB will be tough to resist.

*Last week's ranking
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