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Colbert Humps the Dog Some More with Signing of Clark

March 09, 2010 by Still Mill

Goodness gracious!!   Someone, please lasso Kevin Colbert.   The idiot has gone mad.

Colbert made a solid, sensible, inexpensive move yesterday, signing veteran safety Will Allen.   But then, he just couldn't help himself.  He then signed pissboy, slow-assed, no-ball-skills Ryan Clark to a 4-year deal.   Unreal. 

Colbert has really, really sagged and struggled the past couple of years....and now this stinker of a day.   His main problem is his bizarre over-fascination and over-valuation of his current players.    He rushed out like a rabid dog a couple of years ago to extend Farrior, who was CLEARLY arcing downward on his career.  All Farrior did in 2009 was get brutally exposed time and time and time and time again out in space.   

Now, Colbert lavishes Ryan Clark -- whose career epitomizes MEDIOCRITY -- to an absurd 4-year deal.  WHY ???   NO OTHER team was even interested in Clark. If they were, they'd have signed the stiff.    And this, after he'd signed Will Allen, which was a sensible signing.   Colbert negotiated against himself on Clark and outbid himself.   I'm sure he must feel awfully proud.   Gee, it'll be great to have Clark back at safety, what with his complete inability to track and make plays on balls in the air, plus his penchant for getting trucked by opposing RBs.   2009 showed the world what a pile of shit Ryan Clark is, yet Colbert, the dumbshit that he is, just couldn't resist retaining Clark.  

Colbert also is signing WRs Randle El and Arnaz Battle.   Both should help with depth and 4-WR sets, especially if Limas Peed (who peed the bed as a toddler, and still does) is out of the mix.  

Colbert isn't done, however.  He's trying to bring back former Stiller Larry (Slow-A) Foote.   Like I said, Colbert is so over-fascinated with his current and former players that he cannot help himself.  Nor, of course, can he help the roster he's supposed to be helping.  

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