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Follow-on Thoughts on the Raiders Loss

December 07, 2009 by Guest

By Still Solonoid.....

I just cannot believe it.  Im still in shock over it.

The team is in freefall. We lost to a pathetic Raiders team. This is one of the worst regular season losses in the last 20 years. Its worse than the Maddox/Texan gameat least in that one, you could blame the turnovers. This is an utterly despicable performance by the Defense, augmented by the flag-football Offense that operates with no conception of trying to manage the clock whatsoever.

We had (2) 2-play TD drives that took maybe a minute off the clock each. I get the value of having big play, quick scoring ability on the team. But, whats just as important, is being able to methodically burn a 7-minute drive for a TDby choice.  And this team, under Arians, plays without conscience regarding clock management. This team is the reigning SB champs for crying out loud.  And they got beat by the Raiders? Its a f***ing joke.

This Defense allowed a 92 yard drive for a game winning TDand they didnt even use the one remaining time-out they had!!  How ridiculous is that??!!  They suck!Blitzburgh is a thing of the past. You never see an actualzone-blitz any more. Have you observed one of our DLs dropping into coverage? I havent. Its just a joke of an effort all the way around. This team is in disarray, and its now every man for himself. Whatever comraderie existed, is now burnt. The coaching staff is among the least talented in the league. Dickless LeBeau is running a Defense that can no longer pressure the QB, no longer can cover RBs out of the backfield, and most of all, plays very unopportunistic football. They are not smart on Defense at all.

Their clock management on Offense is non-existent. I am truly bewildered at how a SB champ can simply decompose quicker than roadkill in the course of one off-season. When you win the SB, you tend to expect that your team will at least be competitive the following year. I actually think this team has faltered worse than Cowhers post-SB team.

You know I really like Ben.  But, I liken him to what I call �a spoiled brat QB�. He�s been immensely successful as a young QB, and therefore, I believe he feels a bit invincible. I actually think Arians is a puppet to Ben, kept there only to keep the star QB pacified, while he plays and thinks he can pass any team into submission. This kid QB, at 27 with 2 SB rings, needs a stiff dose of discipline.  As talented as he is, he is not invincible. And you can�t pass teams into submission. It�s all very frustrating, folks.

I just cannot believe we lost to this Raiders teamat home, against a warm weather team, playing in the cold & wind, with a QB fresh off the street that shreds our Def with a starting group of WRs that nobody can name. I cant remember a loss worse than this one in the regular season. Again, the Texan debacle comes to mind with Maddox. But thats it.

Stay sane.  I switched to the Johnnie Walker Black after the gameat least I got hammered in my own house....  


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