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Haven's NFL Power Rankings (week 14)

December 14, 2005 by Steel Haven

1.1.Indianapolis Colts13-0So dominant they have scored more than twice as many points as their opponents.
2.2.Seattle Seahawks11-2On a roll having won their last 2 games by a combined score of 83 to 3.
3.4.Denver Broncos10-3Not playing as well as they were earlier in the season. Got a break because of losses by both the Chargers and Chiefs.
4.7.Cincinnati Bengals10-3Escaped a trap game in Cleveland with a last second field goal drive that was aided by some questionable penalties.
5.9.New York Giants9-4Winning despite Eli, not because of him.
6.11.Tampa Bay Buccaneers9-4Ended their 5 game losing streak against the Panthers in impressive fashion.
7.12.New England Patriots8-5Seem to be back on track. Will have to beat teams with better quarterbacks than Losman and Bollinger to advance in the playoffs.
8.5.Jacksonville Jaguars9-4Should have no problem running the table and getting into the playoffs as the top wildcard in the AFC with their final 3 games against teams that have a combined record of 6-33.
9.6.Carolina Panthers9-4Have to be concerned about not even being competative at home against a division rival that they hadn't lost to since 2002.
10.14.Pittsburgh Steelers8-5Losses by the Chargers and Chiefs put them back in the drivers seat in the race for a playoff spot. Upcoming game in Minnesota has massive playoff implications in both the AFC and NFC. Unfortunately it won't be snowing in the Metrodome.
11.3.Chicago Bears9-4Need a big game next week against Atlanta to prove their 8 game winning streak was not a mirage.
12.13.Dallas Cowboys8-5Defensive holding call on a 4th down incompletion in the endzone on their final drive was a huge break. Still needed a Tynes miss of a 41 yarder as time expired to escape with a win.
13.15.Minnesota Vikings8-5Got back into contention by winning 6 straight since Johnson took the helm.
14.16.Atlanta Falcons8-5A night game at Soldier Field in December is a tough assignment. Especially for a team that plays their home games in a dome.
15.8.San Diego Chargers8-5Could simply not afford to lose at home to the Dolphins.
16.10.Kansas City Chiefs8-5Let the game slip away in Dallas despite another dominating performance by LJ.
17.17.Washington Redskins7-6Must run the table against the Cowboys, Giants and Eagles to have any hope.
18.18.Miami Dolphins6-7Shocking victory in San Diego appears to be a precursor of the good times to come with Saban in charge.
19.19.Philadelphia Eagles5-8The 5th consecutive Super Bowl loser to miss the playoffs.
20.20.St. Louis Rams5-8Greatest show on turf is coming to an end.
21.25.Tennessee Titans4-9Pacman is developing into a weapon on special teams. Now he needs to improve in coverage to justify being the first corner selected in last year's draft.
22.21.Baltimore Ravens4-9Boller again found a way to lose despite putting up decent numbers against a tough opponent on the road.
23.23.Arizona Cardinals4-9Guaranteed a losing season for the 16th time in the last 18 years.
24.24.Cleveland Browns4-9Frye might be the future.
25.22.Oakland Raiders4-9Switch from Collins to Tuiasosopo actually made things worse.
26.29.Green Bay Packers3-10The improbable success of Chiefs castoff and former practice squad player Gado continued with a 171 yard rushing performance that included a 64 yard touchdown. The rookie from Liberty that started only 2 games in his college career has now rushed for 537 yards and 6 touchdowns in 4 starts over 7 games.
27.30.New York Jets3-10Victory basically eliminates them from the Bush sweepstakes.
28.26.Buffalo Bills4-9McGahee, Losman and especially Mullarkey are making Donahoe look bad. Real bad.
29.27.Detriot Lions4-9Lost as a result of one of the strangest series of events in recent memory. Tied at 13 in the fourth quarter they were stopped cold on 4th and goal from the 1 foot line. Going for it on 4th and goal late in a tied game was strange enough. Then things got weirder. On the first play after the change of possession 2 penalties were called. Intentional grounding and holding. Either would result in a safety if committed in the endzone. As an added twist the intentional grounding was being called against a running back that had been stuffed in the backfield and was throwing the ball out of desperation. After the refs huddled it was decided that the intentional grounding should not be called because the back was out of the tackle box. They also ruled that the holding penalty occured outside the endzone. This despite the fact that the ball was on the 1 foot line, the offensive linemen were all lined up in the endzone to start the play and none of them appeared to ever leave the endzone. The decision left the game tied and eventually resulted in overtime. After losing the toss the Lions never touched the ball in the extra period. At least the game had no playoff implications.
30.28.New Orleans Saints3-10Limping to the finish line with still no idea of where they will be practicing and playing next season.
31.31.San Fransisco 49ers2-11Smith has no touchdowns, 9 interceptions and a 24.7 quarterback rating in 6 games.
32.32.Houston Texans1-12Are they taking a dive? Have lost 3 straight after having 2nd half leads. Brown's miss this week of a 31 yard game winner as time expired was perhaps the worst looking kick ever in an NFL game.
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