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Weekly Hard Hat Winner Announced (Game #13)

December 06, 2000 by Still Mill


Stewart Wins Weekly Hard Hat Award (Game #13, vs. Oakland)

Stiller QB Kordell Stewart Ward is the winner of my weekly Hard Hat Award, given to the Stiller player who best embodies the iron-tough, hard-as-steel attitude of the steel workers inside the blast furnace of a still mill.

Stewart directed the Stillers to an impressive opening-series drive, culminating in a precise TD strike to Bobby Shaw that got the crowd and team pumped up early on. But Stew injured his calf muscle behind his knee, and was replaced by Graham the entire 2nd quarter, which was a miserable quarter for the Stillers. The medical staff proclaimed that Stew was "out" for the remainder of the game, but the exam at halftime revealed no ligament damage, so Stewart had the leg taped up and took the field -- amid a surpassing clamor of cheering and support -- as the offense embarked on its first possession of the 2nd half. Stew directed the long, 16-play, 9-minute drive that culminated in the Bruener TD. Stew then capped the scoring with a gritty 17-yard TD run. Perhaps the best tribute that can be given for Stewart for this game is that, unlike the previous wins in which he was basically "along for the ride", this was the first win in ages that he LED the team to victory.

Kudos to Kordell for winning the weekly Hard Hat Award. Wear the Hard Hat proudly, Kordell !!

Previous Winners:

Game #12, vs. Cinci: Hines Ward

Game #11, vs. Jax: Earl Holmes

Game #10, vs. Phil: Jerome Bettis

Game #9, vs. Tenn: Earl Holmes

Game #8, vs. Balt.: Dan Kreider

Game #7, vs. Cleve: Chris Fu

Game #6, vs. Cinci: D. Washington and Joey Porter

Game #5, vs. NYJ: Larry Tharpe

Game #4, vs. Jax: Kimo von Oelhofen

Game #3, vs. Tenn: Shar Pourdanesh

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