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Loose Slag from The Still Mill

October 04, 2001 by Still Mill


Loose Slag from The Still Mill (Oct. 4th, �01)...

- Some great quotes on Sunday, after the Bills game:   "Hopefully, we'll get better," Steelers coach Bill Cowher said of a passing game that netted all of 100 yards in a 20-3 victory over the Bills on Sunday. "You hope not to have days like that, but sometimes you do," said QB coach Clements.  "Hopefully, things will be a little smoother," said Clements.  

Gee, the way these coaches are so strong and forceful, it just inspires me to no end.   I can just hear Patton or McArthur huddling their troops, and telling them, "Ok, men, HOPEFULLY we can take that beach.  HOPEFULLY we can take that hill.  Hopefully we can win this battle.  Hopefully we can win this war.   Hopefully you will not become prisoners of war.   Hopefully you will not get wounded.   Hopefully we have enough ammo." 

Screw "HOPEFULLY" !   We're paying that fatheaded Cowher over $3M per year for HOPEFULLY's ???  It's readily apparent that the feeble minded Cowher already has thrown in the white flag of surrender with HIS pathetic, 15-cent offense.

If there's one thing we learned from the terrorist atack, it's LEADERSHIP.   Leadership from the likes of Mayor Guilianni, British PM Tony Blair, and yes, dare I say, GW Bush.   None of these men arrived at their speeches, or went to their press conferences, and said  "HOPEFULLY this and HOPEFULLY that".   None.   They came, and said with CONVICTION, "WE WILL ....."    "We are going to ......"   "WE SHALL ......."   None of this half baked, lukewarm, weak kneed, "Hopefully" bullshit.  �Hopefully� never got anything of worth accomplished in this country.  

- Stiller NTs K. Clancy and C. Hampton really impressed me during my tape scrub.   Both got off the ball well; both got push against the center; and both moved laterally down the line with adroit quickness and agility.   I was duly impressed with both men, as well as Bailey, who has impressed me since camp. 

- If anyone is wondering why Buffalo DT Pat Williams spent the entire afternoon in the Stiller backfield, look no further than The Savior, Jeff Hartings.  I reviewed the tape intensely, and Hartings got literally and absolutely manhandled by Williams.   And it wasn�t only a physical beating; it was mental, too.  All too often, The Savior would look one way, and Williams would blast right by him off the other shoulder.  Maybe Hartings needs a neck and eye exam, to see if he can rotate his neck and observe a 320-pound lineman blasting right by him and killing the QB or RB.  

- Speaking of highly trumpeted FA signees, anyone remember the great fanfare that erupted when Mike Logan was signed?   The entire coaching staff & front office gushed over and lauded Logan for his great speed and prowess.  Funny, he was unable to beat out the man that the staff was apparently so disgruntled in, Brent Alexander.  And this week, Lee Flowers is out with a small injury.   Instead of the veteran Logan stepping in, castoff signee Myron Bell -- a man who barely made the final cuts -- will start this Sunday.   Go figure.

- Speaking of the Stiller media/PR machine that makes the old Soviet propaganda machine look feeble in comparison...anyone see the numerous close-ups of Doughboy Bettis in the Buffalo game??    With that white jersey, his enormous girth cannot be hidden the way it is in his black uni.    Anyone who steps forward and claims that Bettis doesn�t have an enormous belly and doesn�t weight at least 270, can call 1-800 LENSCRAFTER to obtain an eye exam and a new pair of eyeglasses.  To think how many fans out there got bamboozled by the unbelievable propaganda all summer long, which trumpeted that �Bettis is in the best shape of his life�...

- Speaking of Bettis, here�s the toss sweep update.  Versus Buff, the rotund running back ran two of �em; one for 2 yards and another for 1.   That makes 6 toss sweeps thus far this season, which have gained a combined total of 6 yards. 

- We all should really be pleased with how Amos Zeroeoue was used in Buffalo.  Amoz ripped off a nice 32-yard run on his first carry, midway thru the 1st quarter.   His next carry came at 3:15 of the 3rd quarter.

- For those who have been critical -- for no apparent reason whatsoever -- of the blocking of Chris Fu, take note:  Fu was in at FB on Amos� 32-yard scamper, as well as AZ�s 5-yard gain in the 3rd.   On both plays, Fu blocked well.  

- If you haven�t yet read this article from the Buffalo newspaper, I highly recommend it:

- Here�s another superb article�.this one is from the Kansas City Star.,sports/3acd04ac.930,.html  

Some excerpts from this gem of an article:  

"For the third NFL weekend in a row, Schottenheimer's Redskins played dead better than Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Old Yeller and Blendway all rolled into one. Schottenheimer's offense appeared ill-conceived.  His defense looked soft up the middle and vulnerable to the pass. And Washington's special teams contributed little. ....  

It was a total collapse. The good-old-Marty coaching network, the same fraternity of coaches that bombed in Marty's final season in KC, appears to have kept its rhythm from 1998. Marty, Jimmy Raye, Kurt Schottenheimer and Mike Stock have joined in our nation's capital to do what they once did in the nation's heartland.

"The difficulty I have," Schottenheimer said of the Redskins' performance, "is the inconsistency."  

Marty later added that the Redskins lack confidence.  

"Inconsistent" and "lacking in confidence" is how Marty used to describe his last Kansas City team, a squad that was pegged by many to contend for a Super Bowl but consistently embarrassed itself on its way to a 7-9 season.  

I'm reluctant to heap too much praise on KC's defense. It had one gigantic advantage: Jimmy Raye calling Offensive plays. Plus, Washington's offense is so inept that Schottenheimer actually said he was "delighted" with the play of quarterback Tony Banks, who finished 11 of 27 passing for 116 yards,one touchdown and one interception.  

"Hey, they are an NFL football team with NFL talent," said Chiefs corner Ray Crockett. "They have two first-round picks at receiver; Stephen Davis is a perennial Pro Bowl running back. (Steve) Alexander is a good tight end, and Tony Banks made some tough throws today."

<and the article's final sentence, which says it ALL>  Thank Marty for turning the Chiefs in the right direction.But realize that Mike Shanahan and the Broncos, next Sunday's opponent, don't have one Schottenheimer relative ora Jimmy Raye disciple in their entire  organization."


This was an EXCELLENT article. 

And there's good news for the Chefs.   In 10 days, they get to play a team that does, in fact, have a Marty relative/disciple amidst its coaching staff....His name is Marty Jr., AKA Billy Cowher --- the most incompetent offensive mind in all of pro football.   From the period 1998 to present, you CANNOT find a more blundering, inept offense than that of Billy Cowher.    

- Finally, I�ll be at the Stillers-Chefs game on Oct. 14th.  I�ll be with a large gathering of Stiller fans in parking area G30 outside of Arrowhead, from 9 AM to 11:45 AM that morning.   We here at are buying the keg of beer for this �don�t-miss� tailgate party.  On top of that, has 2 free tickets to give away for this game, so if you have any interest, email me and we�ll sift thru the requests to see who will receive the 2 ducats for this game.

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