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Mike Logan signs on

March 25, 2001 by Steel Phantom

Mike Logan signs on

Mike Logan signs on.


With this signing, the Stillers joined the pack feasting on Jaguar carrion.Cap-hobbled Jaxville is down and more robust teams are tearing meat from that skeletal squad.Very sad.


Logan is a size/speed player who when he came out in �97, I liked as a 3rd rounder in, say, Wiggins spot.Unfortunately, Jaxville took him in the 2nd just before the Stillers selected the immortal Will Blackwell.The Jags must have envisioned this man taking their FS slot from Chris Hudson and Travis Davis but that never happened.Logan was hurt for much of his first two seasons; that is one reason the Jags targeted Lake following the �98 campaign.


Lake went out last year and Logan, in 11 starts contributed (54 T, 6 PD, 2 INT).Prior to 2000, Mike had only (24T, 2PD, 0 INT) over three seasons.When healthy during those years, he did play on coverage teams and returned KO at 29/675.Despite his fragility, Logan is a pretty tough guy.In game 16 last season, the Jags were reduced to 2 or 3 LB.Logan lined up at OLB and made 6T.


Logan has the size/speed of a big CB; if he can cover, then he approaches the state of the art at FS.That�s a big if; I don�t know the answer now, we�ll all find out soon enough.Rod Woodson, Pro Bowler that he was last year, had 10 PD and 4 INT.Per start, Logan produced at a similar pace.It is worth noting that Brent Alexander tallied only 4 PD over the 2000 campaign.


Of course, Alexander�s contribution went beyond numbers.Alex was the QB in the secondary last year; his intelligence and preparation solidified that group.�� Before he became a fixture, the Stiller DB got beat deep regularly.Afterwards, that rarely happened.However, due to a general lack of speed in the Back 8,the 2000 Stillers played aggravatingly vanilla schemes.Logan will be an athletic upgrade over Alex; he has the speed to help deep and this may allow the CB to play some press coverage.Still, Scott Shields offered athleticism too; with Logan at FS, the Stiller secondary will get bigger and faster.Whether it gets better remains to be seen.


All of that is somewhat beside the point.Either Alex or Logan will start at FS; the other will be in on the dime package.Therefore, the real comparison is between Logan and Simmons.Logan�s deal is $3.1M with a $750K bonus spread over 3 seasons.I haven�t seen the package but it is highly likely that Mike will be paid a vet minimum salary in 2001.If so, his cap hit will be about $683K; that is barely above the RFA offer tendered Simmons.That so, the Logan signing has no effect on the Stillers ability to deal in the current FA market.The FO could cut Simmons and Shields tomorrow and be ahead in that game.


Further, had the Stillers looked to draft immediate help at FS, they would have had to expend a 2nd round pick.Marvel Smith hit the 2000 cap for $655K; this year�s 2nd rounder will go higher.That is Logan territory, this year anyway.I�ll miss Alan Archuleta but the Stillers do have other issues.


I like this deal.Like Hartings, Logan is a young veteran.Admittedly, Hartings is a proven performer and Logan is not.However, Mike does have the measurable qualities to succeed.The Stillers drafted miserably from, at least, �96-�98.�� Both of these players came out in that time frame; with signings like these, the Stiller FO may have erased some of the errors of the previous regime.If so, they will have enlarged the core group, circa 2001-04.While it is true that OC/G and FS are not impact positions, they were positions of need.With these signings, the Stiller FO may turn towards impact in this spring�s draft.That�s a good thing; I�d like to see Coach Mitchell have some material with which to work.�����


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