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Week 2.2

September 24, 2001 by Steel Phantom

Week 2

Week 2.2:


Refining the set of statistical indicators posted in Week One:


Of the (13) games played yesterday, teams that won the TOP battle were 9-4.The losers were Buffalo (30:37), SF (30:40), NE (30:52 but (�4) in takeaways) and Carolina (32:30).��� In week one, the TOP winners were 10-4; that makes the season mark 19-8.


Of the (13) games played yesterday, the team with the most rushing attempts went 11-1-1.The Vikings lost in Chicago despite running 25/19 vs. the Bears. SF and St. Louis were even at (25) attempts but the Rams were considerably more effective in establishing their RB.The week one mark for this category was 12-2; that makes the season record here 23-3-1.


Of the (13) games played yesterday, the teams with most passing attempts went 5-7-1.The NYG and KC were even at 34; neither was very effective throwing and there is your 13-3 outcome.�� The week one mark for this category was 5-9; that makes the season record here 10-16-1.


Of the 13 games played yesterday, teams with the highest YPA number went 10-3.The losers were Arizona (8.00), NE (5.29) and the Ravens (4.96).That YPA number Arizona put up is very good but it is worth noting that Denver was nearly as effective throwing (7.55) and, unlike the Cards, could do whatever they wanted on the ground.The Pats were ineffective throwing (though the Jets (4.54) were slightly more so); so were the Ravens.The key in both of these games was turnovers; the Pats were (-4) and the Ravens (-5).


This category has been revised from week one to now include net passing yards, rather than gross.Sacks count and thus does line play, on either side of the ball, factor in.The week one mark was 13-1; this makes the overall record to date 23-4.


Of the 13 games played yesterday, teams with a (+) in the turnover takeaway column were 6-6-1. (+/- 1) remains inconsequential; surprisingly (5) teams were (-2) but still won.These were the: Rams, Fins, NYG, Jags, and Colts.The Rams/49er game was close in every category but YPA where the differential was (8.80 to 3.30).The Colts lost TOP but dominated in every other respect.The Fins, Jags and NYG generally beat down their opposition.The week one mark was 7-5-2; that makes the season record 13-11-3 overall.The (+2) or better mark in week one was 4-0, this week it is 6-5 for a 10-5 overall.As yet, no team has overcome a �3 deficit.


Parting shots:


Future Stiller opponents are currently:


2-0: Jags and Bengals.

1-0: Buccaneers.

1-1:Jets, Browns, Ravens.

0-2:Titans, Bills, Chiefs, Lions, Vikings.






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