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Stillers-Doncos Postgame Analysis & Grades

November 09, 2009 by Still Mill

Stillers 28, Doncos 10 ��� Nov 9, 2009
Stillers 28, Doncos 10 ���. Nov 9, 2009 ����Game # 8


Stillers-Doncos Postgame Analysis and Grades



The Stillers sputtered and wheezed in the thin mountain air, and after Ben was stripped of the football and returned for a Denver TD, the Doncos had the lead and the ol� mo in the 3Q.But Ben righted the offense; the D stiffened; and the Stillers went on to whupp the Doncos, 28-10.




QB:Benji started off timid and scattershot.�� On the 1st series, he threw a pitiful out pass to Ward.On the next play, he refused to throw the ball after EONS of time, and was sacked.He then took a 1st down sack on the 2nd series.�� Starting off the 3Q, he was stripped for the Denver go-ahead TD, but to his credit he gathered himself, and the O, and the O ripped off a string of good possessions, mostly aided by the no-huddle that had little or no influence from Bruce Arians.�� The long strike to Tonio was well thrown, as was the 1st TD pass to Hines.His INT, on 1st down no less, was utterly reprehensible in the 3Q of a tight game, and he badly overthrew Wally on a fly pattern in the 4Q.�� He finished 21 of 29 with 3 TDs; overall, a solid evening.��� B+


RB:Mendy ran the ball well; with authority; in the 1H.�� Problem was, he had only 6 touches, which gained 4, 6, 3, 4, 4, and 3 yards.�� This obviously wasn�t good enough for the idiot employed as the Off Coordinator, so he was only permitted 6 carries in the 1H.He resumed good production in the 3Q, and thankfully he was allowed to run the ball more than just a few token carries.Mendy finished with 22 rushes, 155 yards, including 130 in the 2nd half.�� He showed good vision and bolted thru some holes like lightning on several occasions, bringing a gleam from my eye.�� Parker dressed and was on the field for 1 or 2 plays, max, but did not touch the ball.�� Moore was reliable in relief in the 4Q, toting the ball several times to help chew the clock.�� In another oddity that has occurred 3-4 times this season, Moore, the �pass catching RB� caught no passes.At this point, I suppose it�s no longer an oddity, and something should be done to get this ultra-reliable catcher and RAC runner integrated into the offense.����� A+


FB: Davis dressed, but hurt his leg in the 1Q.�� Johnson played at FB on a handful of plays.��� Inc


WR:Tonio had a big nite with 6 grabs for 93 yards, and zero drops.�� Hines also had a big nite, with 7 grabs for 44 and 2 TD, including a spectacular vault over a diving Chump Bailey en route to a 3-yard TD.Wally had 4 grabs for 69, including a clutch, sliding grab of a low pass on 3d & 6 in the 3Q.��A


TE:Miller had 3 grabs for 18.�� He did drop a tough, high seamer in the 4Q.His blocking at the POA was decent, at times.�� But he had a barfy block attempt of Dawkins -- a man he outsizes by 5 inches and 45 pounds -- on a Mendy run in the 4Q, which resulted in a 6-yard loss.Not to be outdone, Johnson had a vomity block attempt on a Mendy run later in the 4Q, causing a 3-yard loss.��� B-


OL: The line played a solid overall game.Mendy had room to run the entire 1H; he just wasn�t used much.�� The pass blocking was pretty good; the sacks were mostly the case of Benji clutching onto the ball.The one obvious boner was made by Piss Kemoeatu, who allowed a DL to swim right by him for the strip that gave Denver its lone TD.�� A very poor, weak-assed attempt by Kemo.��� The Kemoan Somoan also had a shoddy block on 3d & 8 late in the 2Q, which caused immediate pressure on the QB.Kemo did pull well -- as is his forte -- on several counters that gained good yardage.�� Hartwig had a good block to lead Mendy�s late long run.�� Essex committed his weekly false start, although The Colon, who had a decent game, surprisingly didn�t have a false start.��� A-


DL:Dressing just 5 DL, the DL held stout the entire game.�� Denver was never able to muster a ground game.Keisel was a man possessed, nabbing Orton twice in the backfield on athletic, persistent plays.On the one sack, he simply wheeled the O-lineman all the way back to the QB.�� He also had a bat in the 4Q.For whatever reason, Keisel always seems to be at his best in Denver (hearken back to the Jan. 2006 AFCC, if you will).�� Eason started at DE and played okay.�� Fat Casey was seen huffing & puffing after just 3 plays at the start of the game, pooped and tuckered out over on the sidelines.�� Very uninspiring.�� Hoke showed good athleticism and hustle by chucking Moreno out of the backfield on the play that Carter picked for the TD.Hood saw the most work he�d seen all season, although not a huge amount of snaps.���� A-


LB:Fox (subbing for the injured Timmons, who did not dress) and Harrison led the way with 6 solos.Harrison was a manster (half man, half monster) all nite long, stuffing the run and harassing the passer.�� Fox filled in admirably.�� He beat a RB�s chop block and forced a hurried throw-away in the 4Q.He also had a stuff of Moreno for -1 in the 2Q.He did whiff on Buckhalter earlier in the 2Q, which allowed a 7-yard gain.��


Taunto Farrior knifed in to stop Moreno for -2 in the 2Q.He feebly whiffed on a Buckhalter run out of the Wildcat in the 1Q, allowing a 5-yard gainer.


Woodley had an acceptable evening, finishing with 4 solos, some stuffs, and some pressure.Bear in mind, of course, that he was feasting on a greenhorn tackle, Palumbus, who was making his 1st NFL start.�� Wood had a rare, but good stuff of a ground play in the 1st series for a 3-yard loss.He did have a whiff of Buck on a wide run late in the 2Q, good for 6 yards.����� A-


DB:Pola and Ike stepped up with big games to shut down the somewhat impotent Donco passing attack.�� Ike wrapped and tackled well, and he mostly shut down the orange-footed Brandon Marshall when tasked to cover him.Ike had a good, immediate stop of Marshall on a 3d & 7slant in the 3Q, forcing a punt.(This perhaps could have been flagged for facemasking, as Ike may have had the back lip of the helmet, which is a penalty.)�� Pola knifed in and blistered Buckhalter on a plunge in the 3Q.The next play, Pola picked off an errant pass that set up the TD that essentially put this game away.Pola also had a good stop for -1 on a screen late in the 2Q.


Carter started for Clark due to Clark�s sickle cell problem, and played solidly.�� He astutely read the QB and Moreno slipping out of the backfield for a mid-valve dump, and snared the INT and raced in for a huge TD.�� He also had a Dong INT off a bad pass late in the game.


Mundy had some coverage and tackle problems, but in the 3Q, on a key 3d & 5, he made a strong stop[ of Stokely for 4 yards, forcing a punt.


Gay was picked on incessantly in the 1H, but played a lil� better in the 2H.Still, he was a bit too soft and a bit too much like Deion Figures for my tastes.


Townsend, who is usually trusty and reliable, whiffed badly on a 3d & 10 curl to Marshall, who then romped forward for 15 yards.


Overall, a solid nite by the secondary, albeit against a pop-gun passer like Orton who refused to throw the ball downfield.��� B+


Spec teams:An okay game by this Achilles heel; at least nothing hideous happened to put 6 points on the board for the other team.Fox had a good stop on the opening KO.Logie had a solid PR for 14 yards in the 3Q. Moore had a big PR in the 4Q, but it was called back on a tickytack block in the back by Lewis.Limas Sweed was flagged for holding on a punt.We have no idea why Sweed, the limp, weak-assed faggott that he is, was even on the punt return team as a BLOCKER.�� On the same play, Burnett ran into the punter.���


The spec teams were helped out immensely by the punting of Denver�s Bitch Berger, who had a totally ass-wrenching effort.Just like he did last season for the Stillers, he punted like total vomit.Allow me to rant on the abject stupidity of NFL GMs, who supposedly �know their business better than anyone.��� Counting Div. 2 and 3 schools, there must be 50 punters who graduate ever year from the NCAA.Add in the hundreds of soccer and rugby players who are capable of putting a foot to the pig bladder, and you have well over 500 qualified people who could be brought in for a tryout.Yet, just like Colbert last season, the Donco GM took the LAZY, easy way out, by calling in a retread simply because �he can handle the pressure of punting in front of a big crowd.��� Right.�� Like a guy punting on the campus of U. of Texas or Michigan wouldn�t have had to adapt to punting in front of 100,000-plus people plus the millions on national TV.Denver got what it deserved, and their GM should be run out of town on a rail for such a feeble, lazy effort.����� B


OC:Arians didn�t do much.�� The 1st half was replete with little success, and the Oran only 18 plays the entire 1H, which is woefully inadequate.The 2H success was generated when Ben went no huddle, meaning Arians, the idiot, had nothing to do with that success.�� The refusal to give the rock more to Mendenhall in the 1H baffles the mind.�� Denver was actually playing vanilla, rarely ever putting 8 men in the box, and we were opening up nice fissures.6 carries for 26 yards in a good rate in the NFL, but Arians runs the ball only as a �check the block� obligation, not because he�s actually interested in doing it.����� C


DC:Dick was carved up in the 1st series for the methodical FG march, and had problems the entire 1H getting off the field.Some may wonder why Tomlin didn�t call a TO near the end of the 1H.The reason was simple -- he was terrified of Dick�s defense getting gashed, so he figured the safest route was to run out the clock.��� B+


HC:The start was sluggish, but the team held in there and showed good resiliency.�� The tackling was fairly strong, which is an aspect I place a lot of emphasis on.Mendenhall continues to excel after his benching several weeks ago.���


Tomlin is starting to annoy me with his Bellichick-like secrecy and coy game-playing regarding injuries.     Case in point -- the entire saga with Ryan Clark and this game at Denver�s altitude.    Tomlin played cat n' mouse up until kickoff, which I think was entirely needless and senseless.He�s the big emphasizer about distractions.To me, this kind of foolhardy gamesmanship is, in and of itself, a needless distraction.���� B+


Synopsis:A good road win, coming off a bye week where rust can be a factor.�� Now, it�s a huge showdown for the AFC North, with Cinci visiting Pgh. this weekend.A Cinci win all but gives them the division crown, unless they were to falter badly in Dec.�� This amounts to a must-win game for the Stillers, who could easily over-take the Bungles with a win on Sunday and continued strong play down the stretch.




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