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Best Bet Plus Two (week 8)

October 28, 2009 by Steel Haven

The Packers and Chargers easily took care of business against two of the dregs of the league. WooHoo. The Cowboys showed heart in a must win game. Bastards. I was shocked. Although I do sort of like Miles Austin. I was foolish for not going with the Colts or Patriots. My hatred for all things Cowboy clouded my judgement. Oh well. I have still won twice as many games as I have lost and moved over .500 on my best bets. I guess my head has gotten big enough.

This is a tough week. The point spreads are starting to get higher for the really bad teams. Maybe because most of them are on the road this week. The Bucs, Chiefs and Redskins are on a bye. Plus the Rams and the Lions play each other. So I will have to work hard this week. If I was betting for real I would likely take a pass on the first Sunday in November. I'm back with three road teams like last week. The road favorites both won for me while the road dog was a dog. I am going against recent past experience with two more road dogs and only one favorite. Never accuse me of learning from past experience.

I was tempted by the Ravens at home giving only 3 against the Broncos. I am still not on the Denver bandwagon. But I really want to root for the Broncos in the game. Obviously as a Steelers fan I want the Ravens to lose every game they can possibly lose. So I am going to pass.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Houston Texans (-3.5) over Buffalo Bills

The Bills keep playing hard for Dick Jauron. Heh Heh Heh. I said hard. And dick. OK, sorry about reverting to the '90s. I'll exit Bevis and Butthead mode. The Bills return home riding a surprising, nee shocking, two game road winning streak. Alas Matt Schaub is not Dirty Sanchez or Jake Delhomme. The Bills have been the beneficiaries of 10 turnovers in the last 2 weeks. How often can that happen?


Jacksonville Jaguars (+3) over Tennessee Titans

Rarely do you get points against a winless team in week 8. Could the Titans have pulled together over the bye? I suppose so. But doubt it. Owner Bud Adams is pressing Jeff Fisher to start Vince Young. Fisher has declined comment on who will start. It just doesn't sound like a good situation. Plus I have to play David Garrard in my money fantasy league this week because of a bye so I will try to double up with him.

New York Giants (+2) over Philadelphia Eagles

The Giants have fallen on hard times. Eli Manning, Mario Manningham and Steve Smith are out of synch. Travelling to Philly to play a divisional rival is unlikely to be the tonic for their woes. I don't care. The Eagles lost to the Raiders two weeks ago. The Raiders. They needed DeSean Jackson to explode to beat the Redskins. The Redskins. The Eagles offensive line is a shambles playing into the strength of the Giants defense. Donovan McNabb has not looked good since returning from injury. I really don't see an Eagles win despite the Giants recent struggles.

Last week

Green Bay Packers (-7) over Cleveland Browns WIN

Atlanta Falcons (+4) over Dallas Cowboys LOSS

San Diego Chargers (-4.5) over Kansas City Chiefs WIN

Record to date: 14-7   Best bets: 4-3
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