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And Sometimes It Doesn't

November 04, 2001 by Steel Hammer

And Sometimes it doesn�t


Last weeks article was entitled �Sometimes the Ball Just Bounces Your Way� this weeks title is �And Sometimes it Doesn�t�, but perhaps it would be better entitled �Sometimes the Ball Just Doesn�t fly Your Way�, or maybe �Wide Right�, or maybe the one thought that has been going through my mind all day �DAMN KICKER!�


Kris Brown sliced 3 kicks all to the right. It looked just like my golf game, except that I can figure out that to correct this problem all I have to do is AIM LEFT! Why couldn't Brown figure that one out? Damn Kicker.He gets one of my Goof Balls for almost single handedly losing this game.

But Brown is not completely alone. Troy Edwards also gets a goof ball for his two fumbles, and Mark Bruener gets one for missing a block which allowed the Ravens to block a FG and ruff up our kicker.


I hate to sound like a poor loser, but I�ve got to give a Goof Ball to the Refs as well. That was one of the worst called games I�ve seen in recent memory. I actually missed the scabs.


Turning to the positives, my Game Balls go to:


Kordell Stewart: I have been one of his harshest critics, often calling for the Steelers to get a real QB. Today he looked like one. He hit his WRs in stride and on target. To bad they dropped so many balls. Late in the game I was even calling for a return to the early passing game where he was throwing to Burress and Ward almost exclusively. Stewart was incredibly accurate, and that is something I never thought I�d say about him. I anxiously await the next game to see if this kind of play will continue or if his new found accuracy is some sort of fluke.


The Running Game: That�s the O-line and Bettis. Nobody, No one, has moved the ball like that against the Ravens.


Oliver Ross: First NFL start and he pulls the Ravens. He played well. It looks like Cowher may have made the right choice in keeping him over Tharpe.


My last game ball goes to the Chicago Bears for pulling out an amazing OT win over the Browns allowing the Steelers maintain a one game lead in the AFC Central.


I�d like to give a game ball to the defense. They did play well, but I�m just so ticked at the image of Ken Bell and Earl Holmes looking at each other in confusion as Shannon Sharpe celebrates behind them in the end zone. They can�t have even a single mental break down like that when playing the world champs.


Bottom line on this game is that the Ravens know they got beat up and that they stole a game. The didn�t earn this win. The ball just bounced (or flew) their way today. It happens and it ought to motivate this team. The next three games will tell us what this teams is made of as will the revenge match against these Ravens on December 16th.



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