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Power Rankings (week 15)

December 10, 2008 by Steel Haven

1.2.Tennessee Titans12-1Halted the Colts streak of division championships at five.
2.1.New York Giants11-2Off the field turmoil seems to have caught up with them. Can they shake it off?
3.3.Pittsburgh Steelers10-3Roethlisberger has won more games in his first five seasons than any quarterback in history.
4.5.Indianapolis Colts9-4Join the Niners ('89 to '95) as the only teams in history to win at least six consecutive games in five straight seasons.
5.7.Baltimore Ravens9-4Reed was a one man wrecking crew with an interception, forced fumble, fumble recovery and touchdown in the first six minutes.
6.9.Carolina Panthers10-3Set a franchise single game record by gaining 299 rushing yards.
7.4.Tampa Bay Buccaneers9-4Loss in Carolina makes the trip to Atlanta all the more important. Helps that the Chargers and Raiders will be traveling coast-to-coast to face them in their last two games.
8.10.Denver Broncos8-5Hillis was their fifth RB to be placed on IR this season.
9.12.New England Patriots8-5They're back.
10.13.Minnesota Vikings8-5Williams and Williams make all the difference and it is looking highly unlikely that they will have to serve a suspension until the start of next season if at all.
11.14.Philadelphia Eagles7-5-1A different team when Westbrook is firing on all cylinders. Tie in Cincinnati continues to haunt them.
12.15.Arizona Cardinals8-5NFC West champions. Clinched a home playoff game for the first time since 1947.
13.6.Dallas Cowboys8-5Allowed 17 unanswered points in the last 7:15 minutes at Heinz Field as Romo folded like a cheap suit.
14.17.Miami Dolphins8-5Continue to win the games they should win. Which is good news with the 49ers coming to town and a trip to Kansas City next up on the schedule.
15.18.New Orleans Saints7-6Thomas passed his first audition to be the compliment to Bush next season.
16.8.Atlanta Falcons8-5No team in the NFC South has managed to win a road game in the division.
17.19.Chicago Bears7-6First franchise to win 700 games in the regular season and playoffs combined.
18.11.New York Jets8-5Let the Patriots and Dolphins back into the divisional race.
19.20.Houston Texans6-7Turn around from the 0-4 start gives them hope for the future.
20.16.Washington Redskins7-6Lost for the fourth straight time when Portis had less than 20 carries. And then Portis publicly showed his displeasure with Zorn for not getting him the ball more often.
21.23.San Fransisco 49ers5-8Singletary seems to be finding his way after a rough beginning.
22.24.San Diego Chargers5-8Rumor is that Smith will keep Norv. Hard to believe.
23.21.Buffalo Bills6-7Remember when they were 4-1? Probably not.
24.22.Green Bay Packers5-8Fell to 3-4 at Lambeau field this season.
25.25.Cleveland Browns4-9Haven't scored a touchdown in three weeks. May not score another this season with Dorsey at the helm.
26.26.Jacksonville Jaguars4-9Can Del Rio survive?
27.27.Kansas City Chiefs2-11Lost their eighth straight in the Mile High City.
28.28.Oakland Raiders3-10Should Russell be labeled a bust or is it the coaching?
29.29.Cincinnati Bengals1-11-1Have given up.
30.30.St. Louis Rams2-11Scored five touchdowns in their last seven games, all losses.
31.31.Seattle Seahawks2-11Motivated Branch tried hard to bring down his old team.
32.32.Detriot Lions0-13One more loss to tie the 1976 Bucs. Three more for history.

*Last week's ranking
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