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Power Rankings (week 4)

September 29, 2010 by Steel Haven

1.3.Pittsburgh Steelers3-0Have beaten the Ravens 9 of the last 10 times in Pittsburgh.
2.5.Indianapolis Colts2-1Harrison, Wayne, Clark, Collie, White. Doesn't matter to Manning.
3.9.Atlanta Falcons2-1Totalled 423 yards on the ground the last 2 weeks after managing only 58 against the Steelers.
4.1.New Orleans Saints2-1Probably time for Hartley to start looking for a new job.
5.13.Chicago Bears3-0Shockingly the last undefeated team in the NFC.
6.2.Green Bay Packers2-117 penalties and a punt return for a TD � ouch says my friend from Wisconsin.
7.7.Cincinnati Bengals2-1Ocho Stinko and TO can't be too happy with the scuffling Palmer.
8.8.Baltimore Ravens2-1Boldin became the fastest receiver in history to 600 catches.
9.10.New York Jets2-1Primed to improve to 3-0 in the division with the upcoming trip to Buffalo. Last year they only managed 2 divisional wins.
10.4.Houston Texans2-1Couldn't overcome loss of LT Brown to suspension.
11.11.New England Patriots2-1Gave up twice as many points to the Bills as they had scored in their previous 2 games combined.
12.14.Tennessee Titans2-1Johnson got 32 carries and topped the 100 yard rushing mark for the 18th time in his career.
13.17.Philadelphia Eagles2-1Vick versus McNabb should be an interesting matchup.
14.19.Dallas Cowboys1-2Head to the bye as the champions of Texas.
15.21.Kansas City Chiefs3-0Thunder and lightning with Jones and Charles rushing for 95 and 97 yards respectively.
16.12.Miami Dolphins2-1Can't afford second straight divisional loss at home against visiting Patriots.
17.18.Minnesota Vikings1-2Defense and Purple Jesus got them off the schneid. Favre still looked awful.
18.23.Seattle Seahawks2-1Washington became the 10th player in NFL history to return 2 kicks for TDs in a single game.
19.6.San Diego Chargers1-2Drop to 6-8 in September under Turner.
20.25.Arizona Cardinals2-1Saved by 3 Janikowski misses including a 32 yarder in the final seconds.
21.15.New York Giants1-2Committed 3 turnovers in 3 games in a row for the first time since 1999. The 5 personal foul penalties didn't help.
22.20.Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-1Might have found something at RB in Blount.
23.16.Washington Redskins1-2Switch to the 3-4 not yet working for the 32nd ranked defense.
24.22.Denver Broncos1-2Orton threw for 476 yards in a loss.
25.24.San Fransisco 49ers0-3Fired offensive coordinator Raye on Monday morning. Hard to imagine it mattering. Not sure how long Singletary can survive.
26.30.St. Louis Rams1-2Got to 30 points for the first time in 28 games.
27.26.Jacksonville Jaguars1-2Second year tackles Monroe and Britton not developing as hoped.
28.27.Oakland Raiders1-2RIP George Blanda. Son of a Pittsburgh coal miner. The Black and Silver could have used him next week at QB even at 83.
29.28.Carolina Panthers0-3Clausen was not ready.
30.29.Detriot Lions0-3Treading water waiting for return of Stafford.
31.31.Cleveland Browns0-3Keep games close and fight to the bitter end for Mangini. Just never actually win.
32.32.Buffalo Bills0-3Already released opening day starting QB Edwards.

*Last week's ranking
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