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Power Rankings (week 11)

November 17, 2010 by Steel Haven

1.8.New England Patriots7-2Improved to 24-2 coming off a loss since 2003.
2.4.New York Jets7-2First team in NFL history to win consecutive games in OT on the road.
3.5.Atlanta Falcons7-2Ryan wouldn't let them lose after they blew a big lead on Thursday night.
4.9.Philadelphia Eagles6-3Speed on offense is scary.
5.10.Indianapolis Colts6-3Tamme has made Clark an afterthought. Actually Manning has made Clark an afterthought.
6.6.Green Bay Packers6-3Come off the bye with the opportunity to put a stake in the hearts of the Vikes.
7.7.New Orleans Saints6-3Primed to make a run.
8.1.Baltimore Ravens6-3Offense has replaced defense as dominant unit.
9.2.Pittsburgh Steelers6-3Except for Polamalu and Timmons the defense is slow and offenses are finally starting to take advantage. Doesn't help that Polamalu hasn't made a play since week 2.
10.3.New York Giants6-3Was the loss to the Cowboys just a hiccup or are they about to take a step back. Sunday night against the Eagles should tell the tale.
11.15.Tampa Bay Buccaneers6-3Must be wishing they were in a different division.
12.12.Oakland Raiders5-4Shockingly tied for first place in their division after 9 games.
13.17.Chicago Bears6-3I remain skeptical despite the 6 wins.
14.14.San Diego Chargers4-5Chiefs recent struggles mean they are only a game back in the AFC West.
15.18.Miami Dolphins5-4Finally won for the first time at home.
16.11.Tennessee Titans5-4The extra week of practice thanks to the bye didn't help them integrate Moss into the offense.
17.23.Jacksonville Jaguars5-4Garrard and MJD have come alive.
18.13.Kansas City Chiefs5-4Losses to the hated Raiders and Broncos have sent them into a tailspin.
19.24.Seattle Seahawks5-4Road win in Arizona has them alone atop the worst division in football.
20.19.Houston Texans4-5Defensive woes continue to cost them.
21.20.Cleveland Browns3-6An OT loss away from an incredible trifecta.
22.16.Minnesota Vikings3-6Stick a fork in them.
23.28.San Fransisco 49ers3-6May have found something in Troy Smith.
24.22.St. Louis Rams4-5Need another draft (or 2) to be legitimate contenders.
25.21.Washington Redskins4-5Resigning McNabb not looking so good after only 1 game.
26.30.Denver Broncos3-6Crushing defeat of Chiefs came out of nowhere even though it was in Denver. Strange things can happen between bitter division foes.
27.25.Arizona Cardinals3-6QB situation remains a black hole.
28.32.Dallas Cowboys2-7Garrett started to make a case to remove the interim tag in the swamps of Jersey.
29.26.Cincinnati Bengals2-7Can Lewis save his job? Does he want to come back?
30.31.Buffalo Bills1-8Playing hard for Gailey.
31.27.Detriot Lions2-7Continue to just fall short.
32.29.Carolina Panthers1-8Rendered impotent by offensive injuries.

*Last week's ranking
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