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Dulac: "Stillers were going to Increase Plex PT"

December 01, 2000 by Still Mill

Loose Slag from The Still Mill�

Dulac�s Absurd Insistence: "Steelers were going to increase Plex�s PT�"

Says Gerry, "Just when the Steelers were hoping to increase -- that's right, increase -- Plaxico Burress' playing time, they discovered their rookie No. 1 draft pick has played his final game this season."

And, "the Steelers were planning to give Burress more playing time the next couple of games in an attempt to boost his confidence and prevent him from getting down on himself."

Oh, sure. And George W. Bush is planning on asking Hillary Clinton to be his chief of staff. And I supposed that any day now, George Steinbrenner and Ted Turner � weary of winning year after year � will demand that MLB institute a real revenue sharing plan. And, heck, I�m sure that peace will erupt in the Middle East and all in-fighting will cease within the next 10 days.

Yeah, sure Gerry. What other sack o� dung do you have to feed us ??

Let's see ---

'96 --- Earl Holmes ROTTED the 1st 15 games.....didn't dress for even one game. The only reason he played in Game #16, was that the Stillers were locked into their playoff spot, so several vets were given the day off.

'98 -- Rookie Hines Ward rotted the entire season, playing behind such stalwarts as Andre Holeman, Will Jackwell, and Hawkins.

'99 -- Porter ROTTED behind Carla Enema, a guy who was going to be a UFA anyway. And, down the strech, the Stillers were woefully out of the playoff hunt.

'99 -- Edwards only garnered a spot in the starting lineup, when Hawkins hurt his ankle in week 9 or so.

'99 -- Pourdanesh ROTTED nearly the entire season, then finally was allowed to play in week 15 & 16, and gave by far the best RT performance for the Stillers that season.

'99 --- Shields ROTTED behind Travis Davis, a pure stiff who was nowhere in the team's long term plans.

Yeah, I'm sure Billy and Gaypride were going to rush Burress back into the lineup at the expense of Billy's buddy, Lil' Courtney.... And I also believe in Santa Claus.

The Still Mill

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