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Pump N’ Iron Random Rants

December 13, 2009 by Guest

Random Rants

Pump N� Iron Random Rants


- When your punter turns in the team's best tackle of the night, you know you just got your ass kicked.At this point, maybe Sepulveda could start at ILB for Farrior.He certainly couldn't play any worse, and at least he is a sure tackler.Now, if only he could teach Jeff "I've got sand in my Vagina" Reed how to tackle, then maybe we wouldn't give up 4 KO returns for TDs every year.


- Speaking of Farrior, I am starting to think this guy actually enjoys getting his dick knocked in the dirt.Every time I watch the replays, there he is, wiffing, flailing, stumbling and finding new ways to NOT make any impact on the game, save for the other team.His play is so gawd-awful that he no longer even warrants the nickname �Taunto.�And while absolutely NO ONE played anything even close to Hard Hat football, maybe this week we can start a new award, the Bicycle Helmet.That way Farrior can protect his precious little dome, like the rest of the mouth breathing retards.The only saving grace is, that like Reed, his days in Black & Gold are numbered.


- I�ve mentioned before on this site the strange similarity between this losing streak and the end of season slide in 2007.Both began by losing Aaron Smith to IR, immediately followed by teams gashing us for big rushing yards and piss poor tackling.Maybe we miss him more than anyone will admit.


- Ike Taylor needs to be benched.Then, he needs to have his ass kicked by the rest of the Defense.I am not saying that he is the lone guilty man on this collection of screw-ups, but, time and time again he simply falls asleep when the opposing team does not have a big name receiver for him to cover.MrSwaggin� apparently believes that it is beneath him to be assigned to cover these 3rd rate receivers.So, all they do is gash us for huge plays.Joe Burnette had some pretty good coverage from what I saw last night.With the season a total bust at this point, stick his ass in there for the next 3 games and find out if he can fill the spot permanently.At least Burnette plays like he�s still hungry.


- Dick LeBeau� oh how the mighty have fallen.While a case may be made that his D only gave up 13 points or that he has several big injuries limiting what he can do, this does not explain away abandoning who we are as a defense.The Stillers defense has ALWAYS been mediocre at best when playing vanilla defense.We play our best as an aggressive, attacking opportunistic defense.Pressure forces mistakes� Mistakes lead to turnovers (if we could ever catch anything on D)� Turnovers lead to points.This team used to implore something known as a �Run Blitz.� 8 Defenders shoot 8 gaps and a known running play is stopped for a loss.It is really very, very simple, especially against the Wildcat.Is he REALLY that afraid that Josh Cribbs was going to beat us passing from the Wildcat?So, here we are, no Run Blitzes, no Overload Blitzes, no Zone Blitzes, nothing.Total Failure.


- Bruce Arians.Please go DIAF you moronic, goat-pounding lump of manure.�There is no FB in his offense�, and thus why it fails time and time again.On a blistering cold night that called for some stone age football, he has our struggling franchise QB drop back to pass 40 times out of 62 plays, resulting in 8 sacks.If Tomlin had any balls whatsoever, he would have fired this dim bulb OC on the bus ride home.On the rare occasions that we did run the ball, it was always into the middle of the line into the teeth of the defense, with NO FB to lead the way.How about a toss sweep or a pitch out?How about setting the edge and giving Mendy or Parker a chance for a big play?Better yet, how about NO EMPTY BACKFIELD sets???Whenever the opposing team sees this set, they send an overload blitz.Thus, defeating Arians No-Thought offense as easy as a kid picking his nose.


- Finally, Tomlin himself must be held accountable.As I stated in the Game thread, right now, he is nothing more than 10 pounds of shit in a 9 pound bag.In his own words, changes need to be made, continuing with the status quo is merely HOPING that things get better, and that does not work in the NFL.Time to put up or shut up Mikey!


Here is a short list that should help get the heads rolling:


- Farrior � Bench or release

- Ike Taylor � Bench

- Arians � kick him in the balls and then fire him NOW!!!

- R. Clark, Ty Carter, Gay, Townsend, Fat Casey, & Kirschke � All UFA�s at the end of the season, let�s bench them too and start looking at their backups.


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