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Steelers to Send Message via the Jets

December 07, 2001 by Steel Tank

Steelers/Jest Pregame

Steelers/Jest Pregame


I have been looking at this game for the past couple of weeks pondering the Steelers ability to play a complete game and beat the New York Jets.This game is hugely important and every member of this team cannot overlook that importance.The Steelers can take another giant step in a somewhat of a dream season.


Here is what the Steelers need to do:


Run the ball � Even though Fu will be in and Bettis is likely to sit, the Steelers strength this year has been a solid offensive line. The O-line must get some push up front against the Jets or this will be a long day.Furthermore, the run cannot be abandoned like it has in past years when the Steelers would struggle early.They must run until it hurts.


Catch and Hold onto the ball � The Jets are having an unbelievable season at taking the ball away - +20 overall with 33 total takeaways.The Steelers have been fairly good in that department for most of the year, but they have also been lucky.On many occasions, Stewart has thrown into coverage or a receiver has bobble or deflected a ball that somehow fell helplessly to the ground.The Jets Defense has found a way to get to those balls.There�s no reason for it, but that fortune in turnovers has led them to a 7-4 record and second in the AFC East.The Steelers must concentrate on doing the very simple things � like pitch and catch � very well.


Produce some sacks and some heavy pressure � The Steelers cannot afford to let the opportunity of having Vinny Testeverde in the pocket go to waste.The Steeler defense had 10 sacks against another club-footed wonder, Brad Johnston, earlier in the season � there should be no difference here.There should be plenty of blitz packages implemented for this game and the nickel defense should not rear its ugly head until the Steelers are up by 50 points.Keeping the pressure on for 60 minutes is a must to regain the edge and ferocity they�ve had all year.


Don�t worry too much about Martin � The Steelers cannot focus too much on Curtis Martin.He will no doubt have a good game much in the same way Priest Holmes did. The Steelers should simply focus on what they do well, the rest will take care of itself.


Win at Home � the Jets are an amazing 5-0 on the road this year including wins at Miami and New Orleans.The Jets are always well prepared and play with confidence on the road.The Steelers cannot expect too much of an advantage in this area or the Jets will beat them.They do, however, need to make a statement this weekend playing at home.The rest of the league needs to witness just how tough of a place the new stadium is to play.A message needs to be sent.



The Steelers should win this game with ease � the Jets are really no match for Pittsburgh.I would predict a huge victory for Pittsburgh, somewhere in the range of 20 points, but you just never know what will transpire at the end of the game.So, at some point, the score will 31-10 Steelers � probably at the 10-minute mark of the 4th quarter.From there, hold onto your seats�



Steel Tank

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