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Power Rankings (week 1)

September 03, 2014 by Steel Haven

Rnk LY* Team Record+ Comments
1. 2. Seattle Seahawks 13-3 Refs continuing to call illegal contact downfield more closely could throw a wrench into their plans.
2. 1. Denver Broncos 13-3 Hard to envision Peyton and record setting offense playing better or as well as last year so defense must improve.
3. 14. Green Bay Packers 8-7-1 Keep Rodgers on the field, rack up points and wins.
4. 8. New Orleans Saints 11-5 Unbeatable at home, but a road playoff game in a bad weather site remains their Waterloo.
5. 5. New England Patriots 12-4 How healthy is Gronk? Without him Brady lacks a true difference maker.
6. 10. Philadelphia Eagles 10-6 Exciting to watch, defense will ultimately determine their ceiling.
7. 6. Indianapolis Colts 11-5 Luck's will to win keeps them in games in which they have no business competing.
8. 3. San Francisco 49ers 12-4 Defense likely to take a step back due to injuries, suspensions and free agent losses. Can Kaepernick take a step forward?
9. 7. Cincinnati Bengals 11-5 New coordinator Jackson expected to lean more on the running game to take pressure off Dalton, defense.
10. 12. San Diego Chargers 9-7 GM Telasco has done an admirable job adding talent around Rivers.
11. 13. Pittsburgh Steelers 8-8 Will go as far as Roethlisberger and the no huddle offense can carry them at least in the early going. If the young defense can develop they have a chance to be at their best when it matters most down the stretch.
12. 17. Baltimore Ravens 8-8 Need Flacco to play like a franchise QB which is likely asking too much of him.
13. 11. Arizona Cardinals 10-6 Can the diminutive Ellington carry the load on the ground?
14. 9. Kansas City Chiefs 11-5 Seem primed to take a step back although Reid knows how to win regular season games.
15. 26. Atlanta Falcons 4-12 Return of Jones should rejuvenate Ryan. Running game and defense remain works in progress.
16. 19. Chicago Bears 8-8 A lot of points are going to be scored in the NFC North, key will be preventing some.
17. 25. Detriot Lions 7-9 Caldwell brings much needed discipline.
18. 4. Carolina Panthers 12-4 Had a disastrous off season.
19. 15. New York Jets 8-8 Can defensive front 7 overcome underwhelming secondary?
20. 16. Dallas Cowboys 8-8 Historically bad 2013 defense seems like it will be worse in 2014.
21. 18. Miami Dolphins 8-8 Tannehill has quietly developed into a solid pro, alas his supporting cast leaves something to be desired.
22. 20. St. Louis Rams 7-9 Have defense and running game to overcome loss of Bradford especially considering Bradford has never played as well as his draft position or press clippings might indicate.
23. 21. New York Giants 7-9 Eli and new coordinator McAdoo appear woefully out of synch.
24. 28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-12 Could surprise if McCown replicates last season's play.
25. 23. Tennessee Titans 7-9 Whisenhunt takes over for Munchak, nobody cares.
26. 31. Washington Redskins 3-13 Can Gruden get the most out of RGIII?
27. 24. Minnesota Vikings 5-10-1 Treading water by starting Cassell, not that Bridgewater is necessarily the long term solution.
28. 32. Houston Texans 2-14 Can O'Brien coax decent play out of Fitzpatrick and/or Mallett? Defense has talent if they can stay healthy.
29. 27. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-12 Bortles gives them hope, unfortunately he starts the season behind Henne.
30. 22. Buffalo Bills 6-10 Manuel not developing as hoped, signing Orton an obvious panic move.
31. 30. Cleveland Browns 4-12 Why exactly is Pettine a better option as head coach than Chudzinski?
32. 29. Oakland Raiders 4-12 McKenzie brought in Flynn last year and Schaub this year to start at QB. Allen should sue for lack of support.

*Last year's final regular season ranking
+Last year's record

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