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Stillers-Raidas Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 22, 2010 by Still Mill

Stillers 35, Raidas 3 ��� Nov. 21, 2010
Stillers 35, Raidas 3���. Nov. 21, 2010 ����Game # 10


Stillers-Raidas Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers bounced back from last week�s team stink by overcoming the shoddy refereeing and field conditions, en route to a 35-3 asswhipping of the lowly Oakland Raidas.




QB:On paper, Ben appeared to have a solid game, with 18 of 29 for 275 and 3 TDs, plus a TD run.�� On the field, though, it was rather shabby and erratic.�� Some examples:


- 1st series, 3d & 3 -- held ball forever, ran forward for 0 yards.��� Very tentative and poor.

- Off a gadget play, he had a poor grip and threw a poor quail of a pass to an open Ward.

- A 2Q pass to a wide open Wally in the EZ was thrown far too high and long.��

- In the 3Q, after a PAP, Ben had forever and a day back in the pocket, and then took a sack.�� Another meek, timidfuk play.

- On a 3d & 6 in the 4Q, a flag to an open Ward was far too long; this may have been a miscommo.

- even the 38-yard completion to Wally in the 4Q was thrown short and late.�� Timidity kills thyself.��


There were some good plays, but this is far from championship caliber QBing.��� C+


RB:Mendy ground out 59 yards on 23 carries.He had a few good power runs.�� Late in the 4Q, he fumbled and gave the ball to Oak, which enraged me.��


Moore had a good grab on 3d & 6 in the 2Q.Redman got some carries in garbage time, and had the longest run of his career (18 yds).�� He also scored on a screen pass.


A downer here is that both backs (34 and 33) scored TDs, but eased off and went HIGH as they crossed the goal line, and both had their jocks knocked off in the process.�� This is what I�ve been referring to all season long as a team-laden disease, in which Ben, Randle El, and now these 2 dumbfuks are easing off well before the goal line and then being content with just �getting there�, rather than blasting ahead.��� Not pleased at all when I see not 1, but 2 of these kinds of plays in the same game.����� C+


FB: Johnson got completely collapsed on a 9-yard Mendy run in the 1Q.He also was flagged for a hold on a running play in which he was the FB.��� C


WR:Wally had another big day, grabbing 3 for 116 and 1 TD.�� On the TD, he caught a short crosser, put a quick move, and then took it to da house!�� Great play!�� He also had good speed and a good run on a 19-yard reverse.�� He made a superb adjustment and grab on the 38-yarder.His lone boner was a foolish dropped pass on 3d & 22 in the 3Q.


Ward had a couple good grabs in traffic, and finished with 3 for 28.He was flagged for a hold on Ben�s 32-yard run in the 4Q.


Sanders failed to haul in a tough grab on a deep lob in the 1Q, but redeemed himself with a sterling diving grab and tumble for a TD in the 2Q.It seems he�s finally supplanted slow-footed Randle El as the #3 WR, as El did not have a catch all day after dropping 4 (four) passes last week.�����


Tonio Brown was finally allowed to play again, and he had 1 grab for 21 yards.�� Quick -- let�s get Randle El back into the mix, so that we can capitalize on his piddly little 5-yard receptions...!!�������� A-


TE:Miller had 3 grabs for 26.�� Spaeth had what was probably a career high 2 grabs, for 16 yards.�� He rumbled over a Raider after an 8-yard grab in the 3Q, in stunning fashion.�� The run blocking was mediocre.���� B


OL: The patchwork O-line had some struggles with consistency in the ground game, and did give up some pass pressure, but both Oak sacks were the result of Dumlisberger clutching onto the ball forever.�� Pouncey got completely blown back into the backfield on a run on the final play of the 1Q.�� In the 2Q, Foster got wheeled back and allowed the pass to be batted.


Foster started at RG, supposedly due to Essex�s poor play last week but presumably also so that Essex could be inserted at LT if Scott continued to falter.�� True to form, Scott got injured in the 2Q and Essex briefly replaced him.In the 3Q, Pouncey was injured, and then a play later, Kemo was injured, creating a motley mess of shuffling and hole-patching.


The line committed a rash of penalties.Foster was flagged for a rare clipping call.�� Scott was flagged for a hold on a 12-yard Mendy run.Kemo was flagged for a personal foul, although I can absolve this one, as he was defending his QB after Seymour cold-cocked Ben after the TD pass to Sanders.Kemo also got into an early tussle with Seymour, and I applaud Kemo�s toughness and refusal to back down against a bear of a man like Seymour.�� Adams was flagged for an illegal formation.Kemo was flagged for a hold, and Legursky (at LG) soon later was flagged for a hold on Mendy�s long run.������ C+��


DL:The line was again without Pussy Brett Keisel, who is ardently challenging Yancey Thigpen�s team record for time lost to a pulled hamstring.�� Eason had a good read and stop on a delay run late in the 2Q.Hoke slashed in to disrupt a run for 0 in the 3Q.Piggy Hood was juked out of his jock by an ice-cold QB (Gradkowski) on his 1st play of the game, missing the sack and, worse, allowing the QB to break contain and complete an easy 5 yard pass.��� Hood came back the next play and showed good hustle on a swing pass for a solo stop.���� Fat Casey Hampton waddled around to and fro, and did little.����� B-


LB:Harrison was a monster today, wreaking havoc all over the field.�� Along with 5 solos, he had an INT and a FF. ���His 1 sack was a Dong Sack, in which Campbell just fell over his own feet.�� James put a good, rugged hit on Ford after an incomplete seamer.The strip created a rare turnover for the defense.�� He was flagged for a totally horse-shit personal foul that negated Ike�s pick-6.���


Timmons had a couple good stops of DMC early in the game.In the 2Q, he had a very astute read, dropping back and tipping a lil� dumpoff to force the punt.Timmy also had an alert fumble recovery when a blundering teammate fumbled a turnover.��


Taunto Farrior had a solid game stuffing the run, making a few solid wraps & stops.�� He did whiff on the long run by Bush in the 3Q.Taunto had 2 Dong Sacks, coming in untouched each time for cake-easy sacks.�� Taunto scooped up a fumble in the 2Q, but like a complete derelict, he himself coughed the ball up, with Timmons saving his bacon with an alert recovery.����


Jason Woodley did little.��� Despite playing nearly every snap, he recorded all of 2 solos and 0 A�s.�� He was credited for a cheesy sack that really belonged to Taunto.��� He whiffed miserably on the 3Q swing pass, in which Hood�s hustle prevented this from being a bigger gainer.�� Very weak, and very poor.�� About the only menacing hit Big LaMarr did all day was the late hit in the QB on the 2nd play of the game, good for a 15-yard flag.What a putz-fuk.��


Jason Worilds was finally permitted to play on defense in garbage time, and he used a good speed rush to nip the QB�s ankle for a sack.�� He�ll probably get immediately relegated to permanent bench duty for at least another 3 weeks.��


Timmy, Harry, Taunto:A���� Big LaMarr:C-


DB:Ike had a solid game, providing some good bump n� run coverage.He was flagged for a hold on a long lob, and then was flagged erroneously for PI in the 2Q in which he had perfect position and played the ball the exact way you want a CB to play.He simply got screwed by the ref.�� Ike had a good bustup on a pass to Ford in the 2Q, and on the play after the bullshit PI flag, Ike came back with a poke and a FF after a reception.�� Ike also had a pick-6, but it was negated by the BS flag on Harrison.


News Alert -- Troy Pola was finally sighted!��� Pola had a Dong INT off a poor pass, but he did make a good read and reaction.�� I wasn�t too pleased, though, when he carried the ball like a loaf of bread on the return.�� He also slashed in to drop DMC for -5 in the 1Q.He also had a good bust-up of a short pass on 3d & 3 in the 4Q.�� Pola had 6 solos and was 3 times more active than he�d been in weeks.��


Ryan Clark had another half-assed game in which he did little other than launching himself at defenseless receivers.�� He did so in the 1Q and earned a BS flag when he hit the shoulder -- not the head -- of the WR.�� Clark was injured and hobbled off, but unfortunately came back.�� He had a feeble-assed flail n� whiff of Bush on the long run in the 3Q.�� A really sorry assed flail at Bush�s feet.�� It�s always hilarious how hard Clark luvs to hit defenseless players, but when a load like Bush rumbles through the hole, Clark turns into a meek little pussycat and weakly dives at the guy�s feet.What a homo.


Gay actually did something productive today.�� He busted up the DMC run that was toppled for -5.On the next play, he blitzed and batted the pass.��


McFadden wasn�t picked on like he usually is.��


Overall, the pressure and harassment helped negate the abuse this secondary would have received.�� What a concept.���� B+


Spec teams:The Stiller re-found a kick returner, and his name is Tonio Brown.�� Banished to the inactive list since his long KO return for a TD in Tampa, Brown was finally permitted to dress again, and turned in a superb effort.�� He had a magnificent punt return for a TD in the 2Q, but foolish holding penalties by Madison and Gay (Gay�s was a real boner, on a punter that had ZERO chance to make the tackle) negated the TD.�� Late in the 2Q, Brown had a strong 20-yard return.��� Also, in the 3Q, Brown raced upt o snare a short punt, and turned in a good return.�� These kinds of short punts can rioll forever, and I liked his confident decisiveness.Of course, as electrifying a returner as he is, the Stiller coaching staff was unable to get him involved on KO returns, as Redman returned both of them.�� Maybe next game they can figure out how to get Brown involved on those, too.��� At any rate, it was pleasing to see Randle El in for only 1 punt return, that a FC deep in his own territory.��


Madison had a very strong game in coverage.�� Fox nearly forced a fumble, and Sylvester had a good solo.Redman had an illegal block on a punt return.��


Newly acquired kicker Shaun Suisham had no FGs, but was perfect on PATs, although he nearly missed one.��� His KOs were mostly shallow.He did boot one to the -8 in the 4Q, but that was aided by a carry-over 15-yard flag on Oak.��


Dan Sepulveda had a rare, solid day.������������ B


OC:Arians was given an early Xmas gift when standout CB Nmandi Asomugha was declared out for the game.He then got another gift when stud lineman Rich Symour was tossed from the game in the 2Q.��


The offense remains a disjointed, fragmented effort, notwithstanding the output against the subparRaider D.�� There was a ghastly, sloppy-assed gadget play in the 1Q that was eerily reminiscent of sandlot ball.This was followed by another botched fake reverse that resulted in a TA under heavy pressure.The next play, a screen pass had such storming pressure that it was blown up for -6 yards.��


The ground game remains a mess.��� It was nice that, 10 weeks into the season, Arians finally used Sanders to supplant the feeble, slowpoke Randle El as the #3 WR.���� B-


DC:Dick managed to shut down Jason Campbell.�� Quick -- contact the HoF and see if Dick can get re-inducted as a DC !!�� He shut down Big Jason Campbell !!��� The Dik LeBeau fan club will be out in full force after Dik bottled the Great Jason Campbell, who actually 1-bounced a simple 0-step hitch to a wide open WR today.���


Of course, it wasn�t easy.�� Dick picked up right where he left off last week, going meek and vanilla in the early going.��


Here's a PRIME example of what a pussy Dik LeBeau has become.

Oak faced and 3d & NINE from their own TWELVE (12) in the 1Q.    A decent stop here forces a punt from their 12 or 15.     Not Dik.  He rushes only FOUR men; the QB has EONS of time; and hits a wide open WR for 16 yards.     A few plays later, Oak punts from their 38, and we start the drive at our FIFTEEN.     The field got FLIPPED, all because Dik LeBeau is a gutless piece of shit.   


On Pola�s INT, on the other hand, Dik actually rushed FIVE players, which created some harassment, which created the poor pass that Pola nabbed.�� THAT is what you get when you create havoc and harassment.���� It was nice to see Pola active again, which means we should thank the Almigthy Genius himself, Dik LeBeau, for taking the shackles off of Pola and allowing this guy to play with his superb instincts rather than like a wooden robot.�� Fuk Dik LeBeau.���� B-

HC:Tomlin looks like a complete imbecile today after the rotting of Tonio Brown as a kick returner, combined with the foolish insistence of playing Randle El over Sanders at WR.�� It took Tomlin 10 games to figure out that Sanders is an all-around better WR than El ??��� What a daft simpleton.��


I was also enraged at Tomlin�s assaholic insistence of keeping Ben in the keep till the very bitter end.�� Why??�� What purpose did it serve, keeping Ben in the game in a 25, and then a 32, point blowout late in the 4Q ??��� Given the rough tenor of the game, this was doubly asinine.And in addition to the risk of needless injury, backup QB Byron Leftwich hasn�t thrown a pass or taken a snap all season.Why not give him some work ??���� It all spells S-T-U-P-I-D from a coach with a proven track record of falling asleep and missing the most obvious of details.�����


The rash of foolish penalties (by my count, 20) also marks poorly on the head coach.�� Some were poor calls, but many were legit and it shows poor discipline and focus.C���


Field condition:�� Huge chunks of grass and sod were coming up on nearly every play, as though artillery rounds were landing amidst the field.�� James Harrison actually got injured when a chunk of grass and associated debris got into his eye.�� It�s not even time yet for the totally asinine 4-high-school-games-in-1-day, and the field is already chewed up.What a disgrace.���� D-��


Officiating:�� I don�t often rant about officials, although I�ve been forced to a few times this season.�� I also haven�t previously bought into the �conspiracy theory� where the NFL supposedly has issued an edict to all officials about over-regulating Steeler games.However, I have now seen enough evidence to convince me that Adolf Goodell, has, in fact, issued that very edict.�� It�s gotten to the ridiculous point where the refs are MAKING up rules as they go !�� It�s fuking ludicrous.��


On the Clark �helmet to helmet� hit, his helmet NEVER hit the WR�s helmet!��� Wasn�t even close.��� It�s gotten to the point where refs are ASSUMING a certain hit before it ever happens, and then throwing the flag in a knee-jerk reaction.


On the Taylor PI call, Ike had PERFECT position running with the WR, even being a half-step AHEAD of the WR.�� The WR was boxed in along the sideline chalk, but Ike has no regulatory requirement to GIVE UP that kind of good positioning.�� Plus, Ike has every right to the ball.Nonetheless, a dumbfuk ref threw a flag, and the head ref explained, �Pass interference...cut off the receiver�s path to the ball....��� What in the flaming Sam hell is that??? ���Why are NFL refs literally making up rules -- a la the sandlot -- in the middle of games?��


Then there was the flag thrown on Harrison, which negated the Ike pick-6.Harrison came flashing in on a pass rush, then applied a textbook tackle on Campbell a millisecond after the pass was released.�� It clearly was not a late hit.�� But a flag was thrown by Goodell�s Gestapo, and the explanation was this gibberish:�Personal foul....hit the QB and landed with full body weight on top of him.��� What fuking horseshit!��� There is no such rule.�� There is no such prohibition.�� There�s no way for Harrison to know exactly if Campbell has the ball, and there�s no way for Harrison, under the laws of physics of planet Earth, to not land with his �full body weight� atop the QB.�� This is a completely phantom call that is total bullshit.


Later in the 3Q, Spaeth initially appeared to perhaps fumble the ball at the end of an 8-yard completion.�� Essex was flagged for a personal foul, with this horse-shit explanation:�Personal foul (no number given).....offensive player picked a player off the pile.��� As there was NO whistle at the end of this play, this was a legal, intelligent play by Essex.�� You�re supposed to clean guys off or near the pile until the whistle blows!!�� This was just another phantom, bullshit penalty by a referee crew that was very clearly given an order to overly monitor the play of the Steelers and flag anything that was the slightest bit suspicious.��� Absolute, total horse-shit.���� F


Synopsis:A nice beatdown of the hated Raiders.�� It doesn�t erase the outrage of last year�s loss to these same Raiders, but it does help to get the team back on track after the whipping received from the Pats.�� Next up, the Bills, who should (I said should) be feasted upon and ravaged by a 7-3 team eager to make the playoffs.��


(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)




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