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Champions Dominate

December 04, 2001 by Guest



By Still Trivia

I�m normally confined to my computer looking up weekly trivia questions to challenge our readers and don�t often write but I (heart included) can�t handle many more games like last Sunday�s or I�ll be looking up trivia questions from the cardiac unit in AGH. Squandering a lead, a big lead, is something I just can�t get a grip on and this will be the difference down the stretch.

Champion Teams dominate. Dominate means to play to win not playing not to lose. Bill loves close games, but that is going to be his downfall. The Stillers are listed in the top of most writers power rankings, yet we blow a 21-3 lead with only six minutes remaining allowing another 13 points to be scored.

What has happened to the defense Bill and Tim? STILL MILL broke down Bell�s PT in a recent article. Why is the potential defensive rookie of the year riding pine? I don�t know!!! What is the prevent D preventing? I guess it did prevent the final end zone pass but by that time I spilled two beers, had wing sauce all over my Bettis jersey and was breathing into a paper bag. This especially pisses me off when this D was successful against Moss and Carter for most of the game and our prevention goes to crap with six minutes left facing a "have you ever heard of this guy" quarterback.

Anybody know how many sacks (real ones) we�ve had in the past three weeks. It ain�t many. Where is the ferocious play of our talented LBs? Pass rush, where is it? I�m hoping the Steeler staff is answering these questions for the final season stretch.

On the flip side of the ball, is it unethical or forbidden by some NFL rule that an 18-point lead must be protected? This gets back to my dominance. Pittsburgh will always rank up there with dominating play on D. Great teams do both.

Fu, Fu, Fu, PUNT and Bring on the Prevent aren�t dominating football philosophies. This end of game procedure is far too predictable. FU, FU, FU, PUNT and Bring on the Prevent is not championship football. As NFL history has proven, a lead no matter how big can be overcome. With that, why aren�t we turning our offensive machine on and at least ATTEMPTING to score? It works until the 4th quarter. It works until we get a lead. Why can�t our defense play like rabid animals? They were earlier in the season.

My point is dominance is O and D, it is a mindset starting from the coach and permeates down to the executors and I�m not seeing it. We have a 9-2 team and can secure home field advantage, possibly with a win over the Jets. Our prevent doesn�t prevent jack. That is when we need to attack and destroy. Fu, Fu, Fu, Punt doesn�t accomplish anything but screwing up the grass on the field (especially with seven or eight in the box). That is when we need to attack and destroy. I think it is simple. Champions do this all the time.

Fu, Fu, Fu, PUNT, and Bring on the D. Anyone that can say this fast, eight times, and I�ll send you a piece of turf.


  1. STILL MILL and I were discussing this: Has Testeverde ever finished a game against the Steelers? Our memory doesn�t recall. He may have squeaked a few but we have definitely dominated him and knocked him around.
  2. Mrs. Trivia is now officially sickened every time Poteat lines up to receive a Punt or KO. Anyone else getting sick of his returns all over the field for a gain of three yards? Let Troy return.
  3. Great article on your voyage to Heinz Field, STILL FAITH. Laughed my ass off! One of the best pieces I've ever read, anywhere! I could relate to everything you were going through that day !

Still Trivia


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