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Power Rankings (week 11)

November 12, 2008 by Steel Haven

1.1.Tennessee Titans9-0Still keeping Griese, Morris, Buoniconti, Shula and the gang from breaking open the champagne.
2.2.New York Giants8-1Suffering no Super Bowl hangover.
3.4.Carolina Panthers7-2Delhomme threw for 72 yards and 4 interceptions. Luckily they were playing the Raiders.
4.3.Pittsburgh Steelers6-3Roethlisberger has thrown 8 interceptions and just a single touchdown in his last 3 starts. He has been picked off 3 times in his last 16 passes in the fourth quarter.
5.9.New England Patriots6-3Sans Brady this is probably Belichick's best coaching job.
6.6.Washington Redskins6-3Challenged immediately after the bye by a trip from the Cowboys.
7.7.Tampa Bay Buccaneers6-3Lack of big play capability on offense remains a hinderance.
8.8.Arizona Cardinals6-3Not even they could screw this up.
9.10.Baltimore Ravens6-3Impressive performance from a rookie head coach and quarterback.
10.11.New York Jets6-3Thursday night game in Foxboro could define their season.
11.16.Indianapolis Colts5-4Handed a victory on a silver platter in Pittsburgh and took advantage of the opportunity.
12.17.Atlanta Falcons6-3Could legitimately go from worst to first in the NFC South.
13.5.Philadelphia Eagles5-4Control Westbrook, control the Eagles.
14.14.Dallas Cowboys5-4Can not afford to have Romo on the sidelines any longer.
15.13.Chicago Bears5-4Inability to stop Collins led to defeat even though they were able to shut down the Titans vaunted running game.
16.12.Buffalo Bills5-4Slumping Edwards dragging them down.
17.19.Miami Dolphins5-4Visit from the Raiders should allow their unlikely roll to continue.
18.20.Minnesota Vikings5-4Purple Jesus rushed for 192 yards and scored the game winning TD to end their 5 game losing streak against the Packers.
19.21.Denver Broncos5-4Division rival Chargers claimed Bennett off waivers to keep him off their roster. Now they are stuck with Hillis and Bell at RB.
20.23.San Diego Chargers4-5Struggled against the Chiefs at home, but got a desperately needed win.
21.15.New Orleans Saints4-5Top ranked passing offense isn't translating into wins.
22.18.Green Bay Packers4-5Barnett's season ending knee injury is another blow to the already depleted defense.
23.26.Jacksonville Jaguars4-5Entered an easy stretch against the Browns, Bengals and Lions looking poised to make a move. Then fell flat on their faces against the teams from Ohio. Rebound against the Lions can't be taken all that seriously.
24.22.Houston Texans3-6Rosenfels proving not to be up to the task.
25.24.Cleveland Browns3-6Attempts to improve the defense appear to have failed. Wasted a lot of money on the defensive line in the offseason.
26.25.Cincinnati Bengals1-8Had 2 weeks to celebrate their first win. Obviously not good when you have a bye in week 10.
27.27.St. Louis Rams2-7Turnaround under Haslett was short lived.
28.28.Seattle Seahawks2-7Expected return of Hasselbeck can't hurt.
29.29.San Fransisco 49ers2-7Stuffed on the 1 in the final seconds after horrible clock management limitted their number of chances.
30.30.Oakland Raiders2-7Injuries to Russell and Walter could lead to a start for Tuiasosopo.
31.31.Kansas City Chiefs1-8Haven't quit on Edwards. Just not good enough to win.
32.32.Detriot Lions0-9Culpepper was not the answer. Of course no one really even knows the question.

*Last week's ranking
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