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Power Rankings (week 9)

November 03, 2010 by Steel Haven

1.3.New England Patriots6-1It pains me to have them at the top of the rankings.
2.6.Indianapolis Colts5-2Me and Still Mill could line up at receiver for them and Manning would figure out a way to utilize us effectively.
3.4.Baltimore Ravens5-2Had a couple of weeks to work the kinks out after the near debacle at home against the Bills.
4.1.Pittsburgh Steelers5-2No shame in losing to the desperate defending Super Bowl champions in prime time on their turf. Roethlisberger taking a step backwards is a concern.
5.5.New York Giants5-2Hottest team in a weak NFC hopes the bye doesn't cool them off.
6.2.New York Jets5-2Shutout for the 1st time at home since a 10-0 loss to the Bears on November 19, 2006.
7.9.Kansas City Chiefs5-2Travel to Oakland for a big game in November against their bitter divisional rival for the first time this millennium.
8.8.Atlanta Falcons5-2First place in the division on the line against visiting Bucs. I didn't expect to write that before week 9.
9.10.Green Bay Packers5-3Parlayed 3 turnovers into victory despite being outgained 360 to 237 yards.
10.14.New Orleans Saints5-3The victory over Steelers was a must win considering both the Falcons and Bucs are 5-2.
11.7.Tennessee Titans5-3Issues with the secondary that doomed them last season are again starting to rear their ugly head.
12.16.Tampa Bay Buccaneers5-2Freeman is becoming proficient at 4th quarter comebacks.
13.13.Philadelphia Eagles4-3Vick is back.
14.17.Miami Dolphins4-3Road warriors.
15.11.Houston Texans4-3Remain winless in franchise history in Indianapolis.
16.20.Oakland Raiders4-4On a roll. Totaled over 500 yards of offense in 2 straight games for the 1st time in franchise history.
17.25.San Diego Chargers3-5Can't afford another misstep with divisional opponents actually winning games.
18.18.Chicago Bears4-3Cutler got a 1 week reprieve.
19.12.Washington Redskins4-4Benching McNabb for the 2 minute drill in a 6 point game was bizarre. Especially considering the Sex Cannon is his backup. Shanahan's rambling, changing explanations for the move were just as bizarre. The result was about what you would expect. A Grossman fumble on his 1st play from scrimmage was returned by Suh for a TD to put the final nail in the coffin.
20.22.St. Louis Rams4-4Spagnola deserves kudos.
21.15.Seattle Seahawks4-3Need to merge with the Dolphins and let them play road games.
22.26.Jacksonville Jaguars4-4Picked Kitna 4 times and embarrassed the Cowgirls in Dallas.
23.23.Cleveland Browns2-5Got an extra week to savor their victory in the Big Easy.
24.19.Minnesota Vikings2-5Shocking release of Moss gives Wilf another reason to fire Childress at the end of the year. As if he needs another reason.
25.21.Arizona Cardinals3-4Hall again had to be replaced by Anderson. Whisenhunt has completely botched the QB situation.
26.24.Cincinnati Bengals2-5Last year's division winners have dug themselves a deep hole.
27.29.Detriot Lions2-5Exploded for 23 4th quarter points. Stafford had 4 TD passes in his return from injury.
28.31.San Fransisco 49ers2-6Troy Smith appears to give them a better chance to win then Alex Smith.
29.27.Dallas Cowboys1-6Quit on Phillips.
30.28.Carolina Panthers1-6Owner Richardson appears content to sit tight and save money until he can examine the fallout of next year's labor Armageddon.
31.30.Denver Broncos2-6Now 4-14 after last year's 6-0 start. The Boy Blunder has to be in trouble if Bowlen is willing to admit his mistake this quickly.
32.32.Buffalo Bills0-7Lost a heartbreaker in OT. Lindell made a 53 yard game winner that didn't count because a time out was called to ice him. Then missed.

*Last week's ranking
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