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Power Rankings (week 5)

October 01, 2008 by Steel Haven

1.2.New York Giants3-0Defending Super Bowl champions move to the top spot on their bye week despite Burress' antics and subsequent suspension.
2.3.Tennessee Titans4-0Allowing only 11.5 points per game.
3.5.Buffalo Bills4-0Undefeated after 4 games for the first time since 1992.
4.7.Pittsburgh Steelers3-1A pair of scores in 15 seconds of the third quarter turned a 10 point deficit into a 4 point lead. Then Tomlin and Arians tried hard to give the game away. Luckily a big play by Roethlisberger to Moore got them into field goal range in overtime. Reed then proceeded to make his 36th field goal in 38 tries since December of 2006. Loss of Mendenhall on top of Parker's injury will hurt. Simmons probably won't be missed all that much whether Stapelton is his ultimate replacement or Colon ends up moving inside with Starks taking over at RT.
5.11.Washington Redskins3-1Won for just the second time in their last 11 tries in Dallas. I underestimated Campbell and Zorn. Campbell has yet to be intercepted this season. Zorn has turned things around after looking clueless in the opener at the Meadowlands. He is their first coach since Pardee to win his first game in Dallas.
6.1.Dallas Cowboys3-1Losing the last game in Texas Stadium against the Redskins has to stick in Jones' craw. Have given up 37 points to the Eagles and 381 yards to the Redskins at home. Owens already has started bitching about his involvement in the offense even though he was targetted on 18 of 58 offensive plays. A better idea would be getting Barber, Jones and Witten more involved to help keep the defense off the field.
7.12.Carolina Panthers3-1Delhomme appears healthy. Having an actual NFL quarterback has to give them the edge over the Bucs in their division. Of course they still have to worry about Brees and the Saints.
8.8.New England Patriots2-1Had an extra week to think about the loss to the Dolphins. Couldn't have been pleasant.
9.10.Tampa Bay Buccaneers3-1Bryant won the game the week he unexpectedly lost his 3 month old son. Hopefully part of the beginning of the healing process.
10.13.San Diego Chargers2-2Won their 9th straight against the Raiders. Only the Steelers' 10 game winning streak against the Browns is longer.
11.14.Jacksonville Jaguars2-2Need Garrard to be on the top of his game with the defense being a bit more porous than expected.
12.4.Denver Broncos3-1Defensive line was exposed in Kansas City of all places.
13.6.Philadelphia Eagles2-2Failed to score on 3 chances from the 1 in the fourth quarter. A different offense without Westbrook.
14.19.New Orleans Saints2-2Brees is averaging just over 335 passing yards per game and has completed 72% of his passes.
15.15.Indianapolis Colts1-2Start is their worst since opening 0-4 in 1998.
16.22.New York Jets2-2Took advantage of a slew of turnovers as Favre exploded for a career high 6 touchdown passes.
17.9.Green Bay Packers2-2Can not afford to have Rodgers miss any time due to injury (or any other reason).
18.24.Chicago Bears2-2Orton looked like an actual NFL quarterback on Sunday night. Could it be true? I guess stranger things have happened.
19.18.Baltimore Ravens2-1Came up short in Pittsburgh despite fighting hard. Harbaugh and Flacco give then hope for the future.
20.16.Minnesota Vikings1-3If only they could have talked the Packers into dealing Favre in the division.
21.17.Arizona Cardinals2-2Decision to stay in Northern Virginia for the week after the loss to the Redskins did not work out as Whisenhunt hoped to say the least. Of course Warner's 7 turnovers didn't help.
22.20.San Fransisco 49ers2-2Martz's offense is already getting O'Sullivan pounded. The more things change the more they stay the same.
23.23.Seattle Seahawks1-2Hoping Engram and Branch will be ready to return after the bye to augment the depleted receiver corps.
24.21.Atlanta Falcons2-2Not quite ready for prime time even though Smith, Ryan and Turner appear to have them pointed in the right direction.
25.25.Miami Dolphins1-2Williams admitted that he was tempted to puff during the bye week. Instead he did yoga and felt better about himself. Personally I usually just buy a half gallon or 3 of Maker's Mark when I have time off.
26.26.Cleveland Browns1-3Anderson finally looked OK in the fourth quarter of the fourth game. Think maybe Savage wishes he hadn't extended the contracts of Crennel and Anderson even with the win over the Fitzgerald led Bengals?
27.27.Houston Texans0-3Schaub had a rebound game in an overtime loss. And Slaton looks like the real deal. So they have some hope.
28.28.Oakland Raiders1-3Davis interviewed several assistants for the head job before firing Kiffin. Then informed Kiffin that he would not honor the remainder of his guaranteed contract. Classy guy that Davis. Cable was 11-35 as head coach at Idaho. He must figure he has no chance at any other head coaching position above the Junior High School level.
29.32.Kansas City Chiefs1-3LJ came alive with 198 yards and 2 touchdowns. Huard protected the ball and got out of the way.
30.29.Cincinnati Bengals0-4Palmer's elbow remains a major concern. Signing of Benson shows how desperate Lewis has become. Things only get tougher with a trip to Dallas up next on the schedule.
31.31.Detriot Lions0-3Firing of Millen has lifted a pall over the franchise. At least until the next GM/chief executive fails miserably. Failure after all is this franchises legacy.
32.30.St. Louis Rams0-4Switching from Bulger to Green was predictably a mistake. Veteran mutiny combined with being outscored 147 to 43 cost Linehan his job. Haslett takes over even though his defense collapsed in the fourth quarter in Buffalo and allowed 25 unanswered points. Haslett's decision to return to Bulger as his starter was actually a good start.

*Last week's ranking
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