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Power Rankings (week 8)

October 28, 2009 by Steel Haven

1.1.New Orleans Saints6-0Brees remained composed despite being intercepted and sacked by the Dolphins more times than he had previously been all season to lead the biggest comeback of his career.
2.2.Indianapolis Colts6-0Manning the elder continues to roll despite coaching and personel changes.
3.4.Denver Broncos6-0The Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL. I know I'm still not giving them any respect despite the high ranking. I fully expect them to go on a prolonged losing streak.
4.7.New England Patriots5-2Is Brady back or was it just the competition (or lack thereof) provided by the winless Titans and Bucs?
5.8.Pittsburgh Steelers5-2Did the clock roll back to 2008? Defense rose up and won a close game by scoring on a pair of fourth quarter returns for the first time since 1995.
6.3.Minnesota Vikings6-1Return of Favre to Green Bay is going to be crazy.
7.9.Arizona Cardinals4-2Suddenly have shown the ability to travel to the East coast and win.
8.5.New York Giants5-2Manning the younger, Smith and Manningham appear out of synch making the loss of Burress seem important again. At least Nicks has shown signs of developing into the real deal.
9.11.Cincinnati Bengals5-2Palmer threw more TD passes than incompletions against the Bears.
10.12.Green Bay Packers4-2Had a bye week to prepare for the return of Favre. Oh wait, they played last week in Cleveland. Same difference.
11.15.Dallas Cowboys4-2Saved their season by winning for the 5th straight time coming off a bye. Austin has been a revelation.
12.13.Philadelphia Eagles4-2Rebounded from a loss in Oakland by beating the Redskins in Washington. The last 2 weeks haven't exactly been resume builders.
13.6.Atlanta Falcons4-2A loss in the Big Easy would put them 3 games behind in the NFC South.
14.14.Baltimore Ravens3-3Darlings of the early, early season desperately need to knock the Broncos from among the ranks of the unbeaten and halt their 3 game losing streak coming off the bye.
15.16.New York Jets4-3First team since the '75 Bills to rush for over 300 yards in consecutive games.
16.17.Houston Texans4-3Over .500 for the first time since the 5th week of 2007.
17.20.San Diego Chargers3-3Looked sharp in their road throwbacks. What about their win in Arrowhead? Who cares. The Chiefs were predictably awful.
18.10.Chicago Bears3-3Outrushed 215 yards to 35 as Benson got his revenge.
19.18.San Fransisco 49ers3-3Former first pick Smith with a big assist from former top 10 pick Davis rallied them back from a 21 point deficit only to fall 3 points short. Smith will deservedly get the start next week over the ineffective Hill.
20.19.Miami Dolphins2-4Gave up 36 second half points to the Saints en route to blowing a 21 point lead.
21.21.Jacksonville Jaguars3-3Have a chance to become a legitimate wildcard contender with the struggling Titans and Chiefs up next on the schedule.
22.24.Buffalo Bills3-4Won 2 straight on the road thanks in large part to a combined 9 turnovers from Sanchez and Delhomme.
23.23.Seattle Seahawks2-4There's still a team in Seattle? I'd forgotten.
24.22.Carolina Panthers2-4Resigning of Delhomme remains an albatross around Fox's neck. This is Cowher's job if he wants to live in NC full time and coach again.
25.25.Oakland Raiders2-5Russell's in game play and post game comments prove he is clueless.
26.26.Kansas City Chiefs1-6Predictably came back to earth after winning their first game of the season last week. LJ blew a gasket after the game and whether he plays again for Haley is an open question. Not that it really matters given his lack of production.
27.27.Cleveland Browns1-6Outgained 460 yards to 139. Quinn must have really burned his bridges in the locker room to not get another opportunity over the awful Anderson.
28.28.Washington Redskins2-5Having Lewis call plays made no difference. Big surprise.
29.29.Detriot Lions1-5Come off the bye with the status of Stafford still not clear. They really need him back.
30.30.Tampa Bay Buccaneers0-7Explain to me again why anyone thought replacing Gruden with Morris was a good idea?
31.31.Tennessee Titans0-6Adams is publicly pressuring Fisher to start VY. Not a good sign even though VY probably should start at this point.
32.32.St. Louis Rams0-7Riding a 17 game losing streak with no end in sight.

*Last week's ranking
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