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Stillers-Ravens Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 30, 2009 by Still Mill

Ravens 20, Stillers 17 (OT) ���Nov. 29, 2009
Balt. 20, Stillers 17 (OT) ���. Nov. 30, 2009 ����Game # 11


Stillers-Ravens Postgame Analysis and Grades


The struggling Stillers, saddled with a 2-game losing streak, ventured down to Balt. for what amounted to a must-win game. Once again, the team was ahead LATE in the 4Q, but once again, the defense choked and gagged away the lead to send the game in OT.�� In OT, a poor INT by Dixon and more softee defense led to a chippie FG by the Ravens to win the game.Due to the late-nite ending of this game, this analysis will be a bit shorter than usual.




QB:With Ben ruled out due to his concussion last week, Dixon got the start.�� Dixon went 8 for 10 in the 1H, which obviously wasn�t shabby.�� He hit Tonio for a TD in the 2Q.He had a rather dreadful 2H, but to his credit, he led the march that gave the Stillers the LEAD, LATE in the 4Q, when he ripped off a 24-yard TD run.�� He nearly threw a pick-6 late in the 4Q, and also was far too hesitant to unleash the deep ball to an open Wally in OT that also drifted OOB.�� The INT in OT was to be expected for a greenhorn making his 1st NFL start, which is WHY you put the guy on the MOVE with waggles, boots, and rolls.���� B-


RB:Mendy had a strong game, rushing for 95 yards on 24 rushes when everyone in the stadium knew he was getting the ball on nearly every touch he had.�� Parker got decent PT and had a good effort as well with some hard-nosed running.Moore, the best pass-catching back on the team -- who would have seemed to have been the perfect security blanket for the young QB making his 1st start -- caught ZERO passes and worse, had zero passes thrown to him.�� Moore committed a hold that negated a superb juggle-grab by Holmes on 3d & 18 that was converted, but did have a nice peel-back block on Dixon�s TD scamper.�� A-


FB: Davis ran a SG draw late in the 1H for 14 yards.Johnson had a decent lead block in OT on a 6-yard run.�� Inc.��


WR:Holmes led the way with 6 grabs for 74 and a TD.I wasn�t fond of his hot-dogging prior to getting to the goal line on his TD, though.�� Very immature.�� Hines had 3 for 47, with some good RAC work.The big disappointment was Wally, who was held off the stat sheet and seems to have hit the rookie wall.�� He was open in the EZ on a deep lob in the 3Q, but failed to READ the ball and ADJUST to its flight, and never put himself in a position to make a play on the ball.�� Very poor.�� B


TE:Miller spent most of the nite pass blocking.He had 1 grab for 2 yards on a 3d & 9 play where he gimpily just fell to the ground like a complete pansie.�� What a puss!!��� What a coward.�� Very poor.���� Spaeth was flagged for a hold on a running play; an utterly assaholic hold by one of the worst blocking TEs in all of pro football.���� C


OL: The line had some weak moments, but overall played half-decent given the circumstances (greenhorn QB).Colon had a pitiful whiff early in the game, causing a 1-yard loss by Mendy.Essex was simply shoved backwards by Ngata on a 2Q plunge for no gain.Very weak, and very piss poor.�� Hartwig got stood up and shoved back on an OT sneak, but Dixon converted.�� Hartwig committed a hold that negated a 31-yard scramble by Dix.Starks had a false start.The line opened up some creased for Mendy to gain 95 yards against a stout run defense stacked to stop the run, which showed a good effort.�� The pass pro was decent as well given the circumstances of the Ravens teeing off against a greenhorn QB.�� B ��


DL:A fairly shoddy effort.�� Rice gashed them for 88 yards, over 15 of which came in OT when a STOP needed to be made and everyone in the stadium knew the Ravens would plunge the ball.McClain also chipped in 28 yards on 4 rushes.�� Hood got a lot of PT and really did next to nothing.�� Very disappointing.�� Keisel blew up a screen for -3 late in the 4Q, but it mattered little as he was backed by a coordinator as dumb as fuking rock.�� C-


LB:An evening of good play surrounded by utterly shitty play.


The shitty play was mostly provided by none other than James �Taunto� Farrior, who had an utterly wretched game from beginning to end.�� The guy was a total, piss-drowning, bag o� barf.�� On the game�s opening drive by Balt, Farrior was EASILY sealed off on a 19-yard run by Rice.Then, on the 2-yard TD run, Big Taunto was shoved, face first, into the turf like a complete asspump.�� Late in the 3Q, Farrior feebly whiffed on McClain on a NINE yard run. On THE BIG play of the game -- in a d�j� vu of both Cinci losses -- on 4th & 5, Farrior was ISOLATED on Gay Rice in simple 1-on-1 coverage, and got abused on a simple lil� 4-yard slant pattern, leading to a 44-yard play that set up the tying FG.This, my friends, is what is known as a PILE OF SHIT.�� A total, wretched, stinking, pile of shit.��� Supposedly �The Winged God of LB Coverage�, Farrior looked like a drunken stooge staggering down Forbes Ave.�� A complete disgrace.Sure enough, you�ll hear idiots like Ron Cook fawning over Farrior and praising the guy, despite another wretched effort in simple coverage late in the game on a RB.�� I�ve repeatedly asked why Farrior is even on the field in these situations, and have never been given a sensible explanation.


Harrison had a good, strong effort.No splash plays, but plenty of stout, quality LBing.


On paper, Woodley had a big game.�� On paper.�� While he did have a couple of good rushes against a rookie RT, he also had numerous struggles and boners.�� On a 2d & 4 in the 2Q, he was trucked by the RB, although credited for the assist.A really cheesy, soft play.�� On the very next play, he basically stepped AWAY from a plunge on 3d & 1, which netted FIVE yards.Later in the 2Q, he titty-grappled on a routine running play, allowing Rice to bounce wide for an EIGHT yard gain. In the 3Q, he did a pitiful job of shedding the block, and a McClain run up RT gained SEVEN yards.Woodendick seemed to perk up after the 3Q boners with some good pass pressure, although he was teeing off against a rookie (Oher), which shouldn�t have taken 2+ quarters to get untracked.��


Timmons had an active game, showing speed on the blitz.He had a key FF in the 4Q.�� Fox saw some time in the base D in the 1H.


Harrison and Timmons: A-���� Woodley:C+��� Farrior:F-


DB:Facing a very humdrum passing attack, the secondary had an overall unacceptably poor game.Gay flopped around like a tuna the entire evening.�� Ike struggled in pass coverage.�� Clark offered no more help than a lifeguard tossing an anchor to a drowning man.��


Late in the 2Q, Gay and Clark decided to do a 2-man comedy routine.Gay, just dawdling in no man�s land, was torched deep by Clayton on a long bomb.Clark, slow as shit, still ambled over and was in perfect position to not only bat the ball away, but also INT it.Instead, like the complete turd that he is, he simply flailed about like a toddler undergoing an epileptic seizure --- never even raising his HANDS to deflect the ball -- and Clayton hauled in the long ball totally unfettered by Clark.Pitiful.�� Utterly fuking pitiful.Ike followed this up 2 plays later by failing to make ANY play on the ball on a 10-yard TD lob to Mason.


Early in the 3Q, Gay forced a fumble by Clayton, and Clark was the closest player to be able to corral the lose ball.Instead, Clark dawdled over toward the ball as though he were trying to catch a python, and a scrum ensued, with the Stillers (Carter) luckily getting the turnover.��


Late in the 3Q, Gay whiffed on Rice on a 3d & 12 dumpoff, and Townsend over-pursued and Clark whiffed, allowing an 18 yard gain.��


Ike got tooled and torched in the 4Q and OT.�� He was beaten deep by Mason -- the slowest starting WR in the NFL -- early in the 4Q, and luckily wasn�t called for PI.Late in the game, Ike, like a complete dumnfuk, bit on a stop n� go by Mason that gave the Ravens golden FP prior to their last-second FG miss.�� You have to be a complete, stupid asshump to fall for a stop n� go with less then a minute remaining in a tie game.��


Carter and Ike both had pitiful whiffs on Rice on the hideous 4 & 5 pass to Rice that netted 44 yards.


Here are the 1st 3 Stiller picks in the �10 draft --FS, CB, CB.����� D-


Spec teams:No disasters, although there was a near fiasco late in the 4Q that allowed a long punt return by Balt.��� Luckily, a Raven was flagged for a ticky tack nip in the back.��� Sepulveda launched another punt into the EZ.�� Shitty coverage and tackling allowed a 34-yard punt return in the 4Q, with Fox and Ike over-running the play.The KO coverage was vastly better than it has been.�� Logan had a couple decent punt returns.�� ��C ��


OC:Arians will get a pass from the entire free world due to Dixon pressed into service.��� I won�t be so kind or foolish.��


The running game was working well in the 1Q, especially on 1D.�� But there was never a PAP to follow up that success, UNTIL the 2Q.�� The 1st PAP ??�� 18 yards to Ward.����


There were 2 wasted timeouts in the same 2Q drive due to foolish confusion and excessive time to get the play in.���


With a QB who is enormously fast AND quick, with tremendous athleticism, it took Arians, the dumfuk �genius� that he is, over 53 minutes to call a DESIGNED running play for Dixon (aside from a QB sneak, of course).�� All that play gained was a 24-yard TOUCHDOWN.��� The ONLY rollout in the game?�� A TOUCHDOWN strike to Holmes.��� Armed with a super-athletic QB, Arians managed to make the guy more immobile than Curt Warner.�� Unbelievable, but certainly not surprising.Only Bruce Arians could take a young QB whose best strength right now, at the NFL level, is getting out of the pocket and on the MOVE, and instead having him play a pocket-QB like Dan Fouts.Remember, the Ravens defense had no experience this year dealing with a quarterback who could also run, having faced Croyle, Rivers, Derek Anderson, Brady, Palmer, Favre, Orton and Quinn.Nearly every one of these QBs couldn�t run the forty in less than 5.1 seconds.�� At Oregon, Dixon set a school record with 1,208 rushing yards, with 199 rushing attempts the two years he started at Oregon and nine rushing touchdowns in his senior season.�� Yet again, the idiot OC called ONE rollout the entire evening and ONE designed run, with each play scoring a TD.�� Otherwise, Dixon never once waggled, booted, rolled, or ran a designed QB draw or keeper.That�s called being a stubborn, stupid, ignoramus of the highest proportions, and the culprit was none other than Bruce Arians.


The Ravens sold out and run blitzed to stuff the run.�� Pop passes to the TE??�� None.�� End arounds?�� None.��� Reverses?�� None.��� Reverse bootlegs?�� None.Rollouts?�� One, as noted, which resulted in a TD.��� It was a typical brainless, vanilla, dumfuk game plan by 1 of the very worst OCs in the entire NFL.���� D-


DC:I�m so fuking sick and tired of the bullshit worship and adulation of Dick LeBeau.Yes, he WAS a good coordinator.WAS.��� He�s been a total tool this season, constantly getting out-dueled, out-foxed, and out-smarted time and time and time and time again.

It would have been nice if Dick didn�t have his head buried in his buttocks to start the game.�� Here we are, with a greenhorn QB making his 1st start.�� It�s IMPERATIVE for the defense to play its ass off.What does Dick do??�� He plays this faggotfuk, vanilla defense on the Ravens� opening drive, and the Ravens calmly marched 73 yards in 9 plays for a cakewalk TD.�� What a fukstick !!��� Flacco, hardly Joe Montana, went 5 for 5 on the drive and never had a defender within 11 or 12 feet of him while he stood casually in the pocket.Here we are, trying to win a key game, and LeBeau, the dimbulb that he is, goes vanilla and dull to start the game, and basically HANDS 7 points to a very woeful, struggling offense.��


Then, in the 4Q, the Stillers grab the lead with 6:32 remaining.�� A Raven penalty sets up 3d & 22. ��3d and fuking TWENTY TWO!!�� But Dick goes soft and vanilla, and Flacco easily hits a WIDE open Mason on a deep in for 17 yards.�� 4th and 5, with only 3:31 remaining, for essentially the ballgame.Dick, the fuking idiot that he is, has REFUSED to learn his lesson from ANY loss this season, where Farrior has been tooled badly in the 4Q by RBs.�� Does LeBeau think that NOBODY watches game film??�� Sure enough, Farrior gets tooled badly by Rice, and defeat is snatched from victory.�� The tying FG drive went 84 yards on 10 plays.�� This is now the FIFTH game -- all losses -- in which Dick has pissed away a tie or a lead in the 4Q.��


In OT, after the Raven INT, the entire stadium knew the Ravens would pound the ball on the ground and settle for the easy FG.What does Dick do???��� He goes totally vanilla, never once going for broke, and the Ravens just jammed the ball down our throats.�� Runs of 2, 6, 5, and 6 moved the chains and made what could have been a challenging FG into a genuine chippie.��


The Ravens hadn�t scored a passing TD in their past 3 games.�� They should have been a perfect tonic for Dick�s defense, but instead LeBeau, the most over-rated coordinator in the entire NFL, got tooled again and again and again by this moribund offense.�� Absolutely fuking pitiful, and unacceptable.�� F


HC:Tomlin continues to talk a lot and spew bullshit, but is production NOTHING in terms of RESULTS.�� The coverage teams still suck ass.�� The defense again pissed away a 4Q lead.�� Tomlin knows nothing about offense, but he is supposed to be a defensive guru.�� At what point in time is Tomlin going to man up and start taking over for the obviously senile, struggling, bumbling LeBeau???��� When, in March??�� April?�� The season is rapidly slipping away, primarily due to a 4Q defense that can�t stop a low-tier college offense, and Tomlin is too stupid, or too scared, or both, to make the necessary adjustments. The utterly wretched tackling is another problem that has lingered far too long.�� Time to stop babying and coddling these players and time to start having FULL PADS and FULL HITTING in some of their practices.The country club that Tomlin promulgated at camp and during the bye week has had, and is having, a horrendous negative effect.Finally, there�s Ward popping off about Ben not playing, basically insinuating that maybe, just maybe, Ben was okay to play and that he indeed should have played.�� Locker room dissension, here we come.�� F


Synopsis:Please, stop the caterwauling and excuse-making about Dixon having to start, and please do not point the finger at Dixon for this loss.�� Dennis Dixon did NOT lose this game.�� The softee, vanilla, grab-ass defense lost this game, as it has in EVERY loss this season.�� Playoffs?�� Playoffs??��� This team need not worry about the playoffs right now.They need to start concentrating on the upcoming opponent and come out ready to hunt bear.�� At this point, not even the lowly Raiders can be taken for granted; not with this softee, underachieving defense.��



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