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Power Rankings (week 4)

September 25, 2008 by Steel Haven

1.1.Dallas Cowboys3-0Romo and Phillips will be judged by playoff results, not the regular season.
2.3.New York Giants3-0Underestimated the Bengals and needed overtime at home to stay undefeated. At least they figured out a way to win.
3.6.Tennessee Titans3-0Collins gives them a better chance to win. The key though is the defense.
4.10.Denver Broncos3-0Explosive offense has scored 114 points. Porous defense has allowed 84 points.
5.9.Buffalo Bills3-0Sort of a poor man's Titans. Winning with defense, the running game and a game manager at quarterback.
6.11.Philadelphia Eagles2-1Dodged a bullet with the MRI on Westbrook's ankle coming back negative.
7.2.Pittsburgh Steelers2-1Roethlisberger was pummelled as the offensive line was completely exposed. Has the NFC surpassed the AFC? Seemed like it in Philly on Sunday as one of the best in the AFC could not handle the third best team in the NFC North.
8.4.New England Patriots2-1NFL record 21 game regular season winning streak was snapped. Dropped out of first in the AFC East for the first time since week 6 in 2003. The bloom is off the rose for Cassel. The bigger issue is giving up 38 points to the anemic Dolphins.
9.7.Green Bay Packers2-1Probable loss of corner Harris for the season due to a ruptured spleen is a blow.
10.13.Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-1Griese's arm may fall off after throwing 67 passes in Chicago.
11.14.Washington Redskins2-1Taylor's consecutive games played streak will end at 133 due to a calf injury.
12.8.Carolina Panthers2-1Smith's return didn't help. Big fumble by Delhomme at the close of the first half changed the momentum.
13.16.San Diego Chargers1-2Got a big lead and did not take the foot off the pedal after a pair of last second losses.
14.17.Jacksonville Jaguars1-2Came up big late in a must win divisional game in Indianapolis.
15.5.Indianapolis Colts1-2Stunned in the last second by the Jaguars. Have not been able to overcome offensive line issues.
16.18.Minnesota Vikings1-2Decision to replace Jackson with Frerotte paid immediate dividends.
17.12.Arizona Cardinals2-1Cross country trip to Washington has a predictable outcome.
18.22.Baltimore Ravens2-0Dominated the state of Ohio.
19.15.New Orleans Saints1-2Loss of Shockey to sports hernia surgery in addition to Colston's injury leaves Brees short handed.
20.25.San Fransisco 49ers2-1O'Sullivan continued to roll.
21.26.Atlanta Falcons2-1Smith, Ryan and Turner have already proven they can beat bad teams. A step in the right direction after the Petrino/Vick debacle of last season.
22.19.New York Jets1-2Favre experiment is off to a rocky start.
23.27.Seattle Seahawks1-2Hopefully a receiver or 2 can return from injury after the bye.
24.21.Chicago Bears1-2Defense needs to play better than they did against Griese.
25.30.Miami Dolphins1-2Broke their 11 game road winning streak in style in Foxboro. Brown became the first player since 1923 to run for 4 touchdowns and pass for a touchdown.
26.20.Cleveland Browns0-3Anderson keeps his job for at least another week.
27.23.Houston Texans0-2Promising season thrown off kilter by Hurricane Ike.
28.24.Oakland Raiders1-2Kiffin continues to swing in the wind. When will he pay the price for Davis' senility?
29.28.Cincinnati Bengals0-3Came up short despite showing some life in the swamps of Jersey.
30.29.St. Louis Rams0-3Have been outscored 116 to 29.
31.31.Detriot Lions0-3Millen finally got the axe after leading them to an NFL worst 31-84 record in his 7 years at the helm.
32.32.Kansas City Chiefs0-3Thigpen starting an NFL game at quarterback is a bad joke. Riding a 12 game losing streak. Losing 13 more this season would not be a shocker.

*Last week's ranking
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