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See the Writing

December 13, 2001 by Steel Hammer

So Ray Lewis is ticked off because he was compared to another linebacker

So Ray Lewis is ticked off because he was compared to another linebacker. Well Ray, I got news for you, there is another Linebacker out to de-throne you as the NFL�s best. His name is Kendrell Bell. He�s about to become the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, and then he�ll be after your spot on the AFC Pro Bowl team. Just like Junior Seau was once the best LB in the league, your time on top is limited. That�s life. Time to see the writing on the wall.


Speaking of writing on the wall, tell me if you see a pattern here:

Lose 1, Win 5, Lose 1, Win 5,�


OK, you tell me what comes next.

That�s right, Lose 1.

And that�s exactly what the Steelers will do this Sunday.

I don�t much like it, but I can�t tell Ray to see the writing on the wall and ignore the signs myself. And yes my friends, the signs are there:


  1. The Bus is doubtful for Sunday. He isn�t going to play and even if he does he isn�t even close to 100%.
  2. Both teams have a tough D. Look for a low scoring game.
  3. This game is likely to be decided by big plays. That means big defensive plays by both teams, but it also means big plays on special teams, and the Steelers special teams haven�t exactly been special, especially Kris Brown. On offense, the ground game almost never busts a big run in this match up, but the Raven�s passing game occasionally busts out with a long one from either Shannon Sharpe or Qadry Ismail, or Jermaine Lewis.
  4. Then there is the Steelers lack of focus. A win against the Ravens would seal the AFC Central crown for us (Something that hasn�t happened in a while), but the Steelers are already talking Super Bowl.Next thing you know they will be making a rap video and losing to the Chargers in the AFC Championship game. Will we never learn? One game at a time, one step at a time. First the Central, then home field, then the AFC Championship, then the Super Bowl. Perhaps a loss on Sunday will teach us this lesson before it�s too late for this season.


My prognostications haven�t been great this year (As Still Faith loves to point out, he�s whipping my butt in our weekly challenge) and I�d love to be wrong this time as well, but my advice is for you not to follow the examples set by these players who are engaged in a war of words, lest you be eating crow come Monday morning.

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