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Parker’s Delays vs. Mendy’s Plunges -- A Thesis

October 06, 2009 by Still Mill

Parker delay vs. Mendy Plunge

Parker�s Delays vs. Mendy�s Plunges -- A Thesis


Steel Trap and I discussed this and developed a thesis.



We watched the Tivo of the Bengal game (again), as well as the Diego game.Since we had such little film footage of Mendy from last season and the 2 games he participated in thus far (remember, he was benched on offense for the Cinci game, and has rarely carried the ball in regular season games), this Diego game was the first time, ever, we had a large sample of running plays involving Mendy that we could study and dissect.It was therefore fascinating just to watch a large sampling of Mendenhall plays.��


The running plays that Mendy ran two days ago essentially featured Mendy shooting straight ahead, and Ben taking a step (a single step) and handing off to the side.  Mendy is lined up 7 yards deep.These are direct, quick-hitting plunges that occur within a second of the snap. 


The running plays that Parker ran against the Cinci Bungles essentially featured Parker delaying, and Ben taking 2-4 steps back to get the handoff to him, off to the side and reaching.  Parker is also lined up 7 yards deep.  Parker builds up precious little momentum or speed.


This is all readily viewable on your Tivo or other recording device.See for yourself. And this wasn�t a �1 time� aberration in which these aforementioned occurrences happened once or twice over the course of the game.These happened with routine regularity; Parker getting delay handoffs with minimal effectiveness, and Mendy running quick, hard-hitting, direct plunges.�� And in the case of Parker, you�ll recall that he was constantly stopped for �no gainers� in the Cinci game by BACKSIDE pursuit that simply wandered, untouched, down the LOS for the cake-easy stop.In Mendy�s case, the backside never had a chance because he was into the hole, and beyond, before they could help out.��


The puzzling thing behind this bizarre discovery is that the Stiller offensive line isn�t anywhere capable of holding blocks for an extra second, or two, while Parker delays, stutters, and meanders.In its heyday, the Bronco O-line was a master at holding blocks for eons while Terrell Davis or Mike Anderson looked and hunted for a spot.This ain�t that Denver O-line.�� However, as we saw 2 nites ago, this O-line is more than capable of opening a small fissure, which is large enough for a quick-hitting plunge for a 4-yard gain.


At any rate, this factual discovery bears all sorts of follow-on questions:


- Why are Parker's plays different from Mendy's


- Are they actually different plays?Or are they merely being executed with a large degree of variation?


- Why does Parker delay?  On almost every run?�� Is this by the demand of the coaching staff, or his own decision?


- Why does Ben clearly take different steps with the different RB's?Is this by design, or is he merely accommodating each RB�s personal style?


We have the thesis developed, just not solved.As has been the norm since its inception, is at the forefront of the analytics behind the Stillers, and we�ll pay further attention to this matter with Parker likely returning to the lineup in Detroit.



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