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Power Rankings (week 4)

September 30, 2009 by Steel Haven

1.1.New York Giants3-0No letdowns. No using injuries as an excuse. A well oiled machine under Reese and Coughlin.
2.2.New Orleans Saints3-0Showed they could win on the road when Brees was not putting up huge numbers.
3.3.Baltimore Ravens3-0Will be tested by the trip to Foxboro.
4.4.Indianapolis Colts3-0Haven't missed a beat with Caldwell replacing Dungy. Last year's slow start was an aberation.
5.5.Minnesota Vikings3-0Favre was paid to come up big when Purple Jesus had an off day and earned his money on Sunday.
6.8.New York Jets3-0Head to New Orleans to see if the Ryan led defense can control Brees and the Saints.
7.9.New England Patriots2-1Displayed a running game with Taylor topping the century mark and getting into the end zone.
8.6.Atlanta Falcons2-1Homecoming was not a pleasant experience for Ryan. Loss of rookie Jerry for the season is a blow to the run defense.
9.10.San Diego Chargers2-1Have never won in 13 tries in Pittsburgh during the regular season although they are 2-1 in Pittsburgh in the playoffs.
10.11.Philadelphia Eagles2-1Kolb is proving to be a more than adequate replacement for McNabb.
11.13.Chicago Bears2-1Cutler has already put the opening week debacle behind him.
12.16.Dallas Cowboys2-1Second try in JJ's palace goes better than the first. Now could we please keep them out of prime time for a few weeks.
13.18.Denver Broncos3-0Success of Moreno and Buckhalter takes the pressure off Orton.
14.12.San Fransisco 49ers2-1Lost Gore for at least 3 weeks in addition to losing the game in the final seconds.
15.19.Cincinnati Bengals2-1Ended their 8 game home losing streak to the Steelers.
16.20.Green Bay Packers2-1Need to keep their heads in what will be a zoo this week in Minneapolis.
17.7.Pittsburgh Steelers1-2Basically repeated their performance against the Bears in Cincinnati with the same disasterous results. Roethlisberger can no longer say he is undefeated as a professional in his home state of Ohio.
18.14.Arizona Cardinals1-2Joining the Steelers in a Super Bowl hangover.
19.27.Jacksonville Jaguars1-2Just get the ball to MJD and get out of the way.
20.15.Houston Texans1-2Dead last in total defense giving up a mind boggling 436 yards per game.
21.17.Tennessee Titans0-3Already lost as many regular season games this year as last year.
22.21.Miami Dolphins0-3Pennington injury gives Henne his chance. Traded for Thigpen because White is not ready to be the full time backup. Plus Thigpen has the athleticism to help out in the wildcat.
23.23.Buffalo Bills1-2TO seems to have kept relatively quiet after getting shut out on Sunday. A shame for those of us looking for something to write about.
24.32.Detriot Lions1-2Broke their 19 game losing streak. Probably shouldn't move up this high, but Schwartz and Stafford give them some hope. The teams below them really have no hope.
25.25.Seattle Seahawks1-2New poster boys for my crusade to ban alternate uniforms. Marketing be damned.
26.26.Carolina Panthers0-3Decision to extend Delhomme after his playoff implosion continues to haunt them.
27.22.Washington Redskins1-2Zorn is firmly on the hot seat which is quite frankly where he belongs.
28.24.Oakland Raiders1-2Russell seems to be getting worse, not better.
29.28.Tampa Bay Buccaneers0-3Turn to Johnson even though Leftwich wasn't really the problem.
30.30.Kansas City Chiefs0-3Pioli and Haley need time to clean up Peterson's mess.
31.31.St. Louis Rams0-3Now possess the longest current active losing streak at 13 thanks to the Lions win. Have to be hoping Bulger isn't out for an extended period so they don't have to turn to Boller.
32.29.Cleveland Browns0-3Seem to have already quit on Mangini. Replacing Quinn with Anderson is akin to shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.

*Last week's ranking
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