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Power Rankings (week 12)

November 19, 2008 by Steel Haven

1.1.Tennessee Titans10-0Showed they can come from behind on the road.
2.2.New York Giants9-1Earth Wind & Fire continue to rock and roll. Can actually survive the loss of Earth for a week or two if his knee keeps him out.
3.3.Carolina Panthers8-2Rushed for a franchise record 264 yards as Delhomme was held under 100 yards passing for a second straight week.
4.4.Pittsburgh Steelers7-3Defense ranks first in total yardage, passing yardage and rushing yardage. They are second in points allowed to the Titans.
5.7.Tampa Bay Buccaneers7-3Improved to 5-0 at home for the first time in franchise history. Loss of Graham is a blow.
6.8.Arizona Cardinals7-3Fitzgerald and Boldin each had double digit catches for over 150 yards.
7.10.New York Jets7-3Last Thursday night in Foxboro is the reason they traded for Favre.
8.11.Indianapolis Colts6-4They're back....
9.14.Dallas Cowboys6-4Righted themselves in Landover. Upcoming games against the Niners and Seahawks should allow them to get on a winning streak.
10.5.New England Patriots6-4Cassel became the first QB in league history to pass for over 400 yards and rush for over 60 yards in a single game. The defense let him down.
11.6.Washington Redskins6-4Need a healthy Portis.
12.9.Baltimore Ravens6-4Gave up over 200 yards rushing for the first time since 1997.
13.19.Denver Broncos6-4In control of the AFC West thanks to the ineptitude of the competition.
14.12.Atlanta Falcons6-4Face an uphill battle in the brutal NFC South.
15.13.Philadelphia Eagles5-4-1Lucky to be in the first NFL tie since the Falcons at Pittsburgh in 2002. Veteran McNabb's failure to realize that the game would end in a tie after a single 15 minute overtime was ridiculous and inexcusable.
16.17.Miami Dolphins6-4Hard to believe they have come this far this fast after last season's 1-15 finish.
17.21.New Orleans Saints5-5Get to play in New Orleans for the first time since October 12.
18.22.Green Bay Packers5-5Resurgent Grant led them back into a tie a top the NFC North.
19.15.Chicago Bears5-5Replacing Rivera as defensive coordinator with Babich has proven to be a disaster.
20.16.Buffalo Bills5-5Lost 4 straight and 5 of their last 6. Turned the ball over 17 times for a -11 turnover differential in that span after only turning the ball over 5 times in their season opening 4 game winning streak.
21.18.Minnesota Vikings5-5Purple Jesus didn't touch the ball in the fourth quarter of a close game and when asked about it in his post game press conference all Childress could do is attack the media. The end is near for Childress.
22.20.San Diego Chargers4-6Continue to find creative ways to lose. Hard to envision Norv and possibly Smith surviving this debacle.
23.25.Cleveland Browns4-6A missed Lindell field goal gave Quinn his first career victory.
24.23.Jacksonville Jaguars4-6Couldn't generate any offense in the second half after looking like they had a chance to hand the Titans their first defeat heading into halftime with an 11 point lead. Garrard needs to be more productive.
25.29.San Fransisco 49ers3-7Singletary got his first win and kept his pants on.
26.24.Houston Texans3-7Rosenfels has turned the ball over 9 times in 4 starts resulting in a predictable 4 losses.
27.26.Cincinnati Bengals1-8-1Kissed their sister when Graham missed a 47 yard field goal with 7 seconds remaining in overtime.
28.27.St. Louis Rams2-8Have given up an almost unfathomable 99 points in the first half of their last 3 games.
29.28.Seattle Seahawks2-8Return of Hasselbeck didn't help.
30.30.Oakland Raiders2-8Going nowhere as long as Davis remains at the helm.
31.31.Kansas City Chiefs1-9Thigpen's development could almost make this season worthwhile.
32.32.Detriot Lions0-10Wasting snaps on Culpepper instead of seeing whether Stanton is the QB of the future is stupid at this point.

*Last week's ranking
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