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Best Bets (plus two)

November 10, 2010 by Steel Haven

Steel Trap was right. I stepped right into a trap with the Patriots at the Browns. So did the Patriots. Nice to see them get whacked even though I lost. I wish the Jets would have just lost outright. They got incredibly lucky and didn't deserve to win let alone cover in Detroit. The Lions have to be disappointed. The surging Saints were my lone victory. The other teams I liked but didn't pick also didn't fare well so my problems were not a case of choosing the wrong games. It was a case of liking the wrong type of team in the wrong situation.

I don't really have any kind of combined reasoning for this week's picks. Maybe that is better. I did go back to all road teams for a second straight week. My fatal weakness.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Philadelphia Eagles (-3.0) over Washington Redskins

Shanahan's decision to bench McNabb for the 2 minute drill before the bye is one of the strangest I can remember. Not so much because McNabb is a great QB in that situation. He is not. But because his backup is the Sex Cannon. There is no QB in the league I would bench in any situation for Rex Grossman. The move couldn't have helped the psyche of the Redskins. The Eagles are a dangerous offensive team with Vick or Kolb at the helm with incredible speed on both sides of the ball. They want revenge for the early season loss to the 'Skins in Philly. I think they get that revenge.


Detriot Lions (+3.0) over Buffalo Bills

The Bills haven't quit. But it is hard to ignore a winless favorite this late in the season. The Lions have talent and can put up points with Shaun Hill at QB. They just still find ways to lose close games. My feeling is the Bills are due for a letdown and this one won't be close.

Minnesota Vikings (-1.0) over Chicago Bears

Betting with the duo of Childress and Favre makes me a little queasy. The Vikings undeniable have talent. Plus I am not a believer in Mike Martz. This is really more of a pick against him and his penchant for leaving QB Jay Cutler out to dry. The matchup makes me think the disappointing Vikings defense can have a breakout performance.

Last Week

New England Patriots (-4.5) over Cleveland Browns LOSS

New York Jets (-4.0) over Detriot Lions LOSS

New Orleans Saints (-7.0) over Carolina Panthers WIN

Year to date: 14-12-1   Best bets: 4-4-1
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