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Power Rankings (week 6)

October 08, 2008 by Steel Haven

1.1.New York Giants4-0Powered by the running game with Jacobs, Ward and Bradshaw. Especially Jacobs. Didn't miss Burress with Hixon and Moss picking up the slack.
2.2.Tennessee Titans5-0Giving up a league low 11.2 points per game.
3.4.Pittsburgh Steelers4-1Roethlisberger carried them on his back to end a 4 game losing streak against the Jaguars. Get a much needed bye after physical back-to-back-to-back games against the Eagles, Ravens and Jags.
4.5.Washington Redskins4-1Impressive in consecutive road division wins. Next 3 opponents (Rams, Browns, Lions) have combined for 1 win.
5.6.Dallas Cowboys4-1Had trouble putting away the Bengals. A bad sign. Owens continued to pout. A worse sign.
6.7.Carolina Panthers4-1Healthy Delhomme and rejuvinated Peppers are making all the difference.
7.8.New England Patriots3-1Cassel showed he could get the ball downfield to Moss. A good sign.
8.12.Denver Broncos4-1Run defense rebounded at home against the Bucs after being shredded by LJ and the Chiefs in Arrowhead.
9.3.Buffalo Bills4-1Ambushed after traveling cross country. Losing Edwards in the first quarter to a concussion didn't help. At least he has the bye week to recover.
10.15.Indianapolis Colts2-2Scored 3 touchdowns in the final 5 minutes to get a desperately needed divisional win in Houston.
11.18.Chicago Bears3-2Appear to be the best team in the NFC North by default.
12.9.Tampa Bay Buccaneers3-2Griese or Garcia? Garcia or Griese? Doesn't really matter. Neither can throw the ball downfield. And with Galloway out they don't have a receiver that can get downfield.
13.11.Jacksonville Jaguars2-3Having a tough time dealing with injuries to the interior offensive line and defensive backfield. Random shooting of Collier that resulted in his paralysis and loss of a leg has to hurt them mentally. My prayers go out to Collier. And I honestly hope they can overcome his loss.
14.16.New York Jets2-2Hoping that Favre doesn't cool off over the bye week after his 6 touchdown explosion.
15.21.Arizona Cardinals3-2Much better on the west coast than the east coast.
16.13.Philadelphia Eagles2-3Dropped to 0-2 in the division and they haven't even played the defending Super Bowl champs yet.
17.10.San Diego Chargers2-3Can Smith survive his hiring of Turner? At least Shottenheimer was a solid regular season coach.
18.20.Minnesota Vikings2-3Saved their season by taking advantage of the Saints' miscues.
19.14.New Orleans Saints2-3Continue to find ways to lose in the fourth quarter. Penalties, missed field goals, dropped passes and turnovers caused them to waste Bush's 269 total yards and pair of punt return touchdowns.
20.19.Baltimore Ravens2-2Showed more in defeat against the Steelers and Titans than in victories over Ohio. Still, a loss is a loss. Or to put it more succinctly a pair of losses are a pair of losses.
21.24.Atlanta Falcons3-2A rookie coach, quarterback and left tackle won in Lambeau. Petrino and Vick are already a distant memory.
22.25.Miami Dolphins2-2Beat last season's AFC Championship game participants in consecutive games.
23.17.Green Bay Packers2-3Rodgers overcame a sore throwing shoulder to total 313 passing yards and 3 touchdowns. Unfortunately for him the injury riddled defense was not up to the task.
24.22.San Fransisco 49ers2-3Martz's offense just can't keep their defense off the field. What else is new....
25.26.Cleveland Browns1-3Savage's decision to extend Crennel and resign Anderson has backfired so far.
26.23.Seattle Seahawks1-3Holmgren's swan song in the Pacific northwest has been a complete disaster.
27.27.Houston Texans0-4Rosenfels subbing for a sick Schaub fumbled twice and threw an interception in the fourth quarter to blow a 17-point lead.
28.30.Cincinnati Bengals0-5Playing better than their record. Just can't get over the top. Resigning of Henry and signing of Benson is emblematic of the Lewis regime. Focusing on upside and physical ability while ignoring character. Basically grasping at straws.
29.28.Oakland Raiders1-3Cable will try to make a difference. Alas Kiffin was not the problem.
30.29.Kansas City Chiefs1-4LJ gained only 2 yards on 7 carries after a pair of 100 yard rushing games.
31.31.Detriot Lions0-4Millen is gone. The roster is still pathetic. A long term rebuilding project that will need time. Marinelli is unlikely to still be the head coach when this turns around.
32.32.St. Louis Rams0-4Hard to envision the bye week and coaching change doing them any good.

*Last week's ranking
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