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Stiller Outlook After 2 Weeks...

September 16, 2008 by Guest

Season Outlook so far, after 2 weeks.....   By Still Curtain

I've been a regular reader of for about 5 years now after getting tired of reading homer articles from the local Pittsburgh papers and Steelers Digest which might as well be written by the Rooney family themselves, I found my attracted to "the facts"!  It's nice to be a homer, but we must be critical when necessary so I will break my cherry on the pages of with special thanks to Still Mill for the opportunity.

So, we are 2 games into the season and on paper we own toughest schedule in the NFL.  Well, guess what?  It doesn't look as taxing as it once did at the start of the season.  The Browns on the road is a tough game and regardless of some of our shortcomings, it was a division win against the team expected to give us the toughest fight for the crown.  Here are some bright spots on the season with preseason questions starting to be answered:

Big Ben - Continues to elevate his game and take a positive leadership role on this team as opposed to crybaby Faneca who used his tenure to take shots at rookies and deflate the morale of his teammates.  Did you notice Ben take exception with Tonio on the first series for running the wrong route?  I want more of this!

Parker - I'd say his leg is fine!  Did he always have that spin move?

Mendenhall - If he gets playing time, should be able to contribute!!  I said "if" didn't I?  C'mon now coach!  I know the game was close, but fresh legs the size of his are a nice balance!

Arians - Do you think he reads this website?  He's still a few beers short of a 6-pack, but how 'bout that play action?!?!  Do you think it's Ben asking for it or do I give credit here is my only question?

O-Line - So far so good!  Shhhhhh!  Let's not say another word for fear of jinxing ourselves!  We need to sign some of them for next year however.

D-Line - Jury is still out in my book.  Short yardage to go we couldn't stop tippy toes Jamal last night.  Eason is getting loads of playing time....need I say more?!

LB's - Lawrence who?  PLEASE put him in the game.  That crisscross ILB blitz might be the easiest,slowest blitz to materialize and Farrior/Foote actually LOOK for contact rather than making the straight line at the QB.  Harrison is still an animal and Woodley continues to come of age!

As for our schedule:
Jags - 4 O-lineman down for the year?  garrard throws as many INT's in 2 weeks as he did all last year!  That game just got easier!

Iggles - I'll let you know after tonight's game.  I live just outside philly, so I think they are overrated and we should win this one.

Bengals - Even worse than I thought!  I LOVE it!

Ravens - Rookie QB.....LeBeau's favorite meal!

Colts - Always tough, but we have them at home and come November, Heinz should be a total mess!  I think Marvin Harrison is all but washed up.

Pats - Have I said how much I HATE the Pats.  Let's see just how good that D is when they have to face a team that can balance the run and pass because they are behind by 21 points after the 1st qtr!  At their age, they should be able to be worn down.  The Offense no longer scares me!  They still have a solid nucleus, but without Brady to spread the ball around they are very beatable!  Did I say I HATE them?  Like Swissvale, I do business with a ton of people in Boston.  Their fans know little about them team and are all bandwagon jumpers.  I think I was as happy for the Pats to lose as I was for the Stillers to win!  As a matter of fact, I have a standing offer to go to Foxboro on the field and stand on the PATS sidelines and meet the ownership.  I've yet to go because I couldn't wear my steelers shirt on their sidelines.  I'd rather go and take a crap in their cooler.  "F" them!!  Sorry, I feel better now.

Chargers - Not sure what to make of them.  We have them at home and we owe them something!

Dallas - Tough game that we will struggle with.  Non conference, so we'll see them in SB XLIII - Oops, did I let that out?!

Giants/Skins - We'll win 1 of them.  Preferrably the Gints at home!

So, there you have it!  I have solved everything and have it all figured out.  But seriously, I think this team now has a legitimate shot at advancing far into the AFCC and SB.  I think we can go 12-4 now where just a few weeks ago was leaning towards 9-7.  We're off to a very promising start and need to continue to make improvements.  In this league, the best team doesn't seem to win's the team that peaks at the right time at the end of the season.   The season looks promising for us my fellow black and gold believers.  It's a Stillers Nation and we just let everyone else live in it!!!

Go Stillers!
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