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Power Rankings (week 10)

November 10, 2010 by Steel Haven

1.3.Baltimore Ravens6-2Battle of the birds in Atlanta should be a good one. Of course the bastards at Cablevision could never come to an agreement with NFL Network so I won't be watching.
2.4.Pittsburgh Steelers6-2Tried hard to blow a 20 point 4th quarter lead for the 1st time in franchise history. Saved by special teams play and the defense (specifically Harrison) coming up big in the final 40 seconds. Basically the reverse of every horrible loss after last year's 6-2 start.
3.5.New York Giants6-2Averaging 36 points scored in their last 4 games.
4.6.New York Jets6-2Rejuvenated Revis held Megatron to 1 catch for 13 yards.
5.8.Atlanta Falcons6-2Sort of the Steelers of the NFC. Talented and finding ways to win, but not particularly impressively.
6.9.Green Bay Packers6-3The bye comes at a good time for this injury riddled team.
7.10.New Orleans Saints6-3Back on track. Eventual return of Bush and Thomas could again make them the favorites in the NFC.
8.1.New England Patriots6-2Belichick can't be happy that his team got punched in the mouth by the Browns and didn't respond.
9.13.Philadelphia Eagles5-3Improved to 12-0 after the bye under Reid.
10.2.Indianapolis Colts5-3Decimated by injuries. Probably a 4 win team at this point without Manning.
11.11.Tennessee Titans5-3Loss of Britt likely to hurt more than the addition of Moss helps.
12.16.Oakland Raiders5-4Ford showed why Davis loves speed.
13.7.Kansas City Chiefs5-3Second half hiccup in Oakland keeps them from running away with the division. Can't afford a misstep in Denver.
14.17.San Diego Chargers4-5They're alive. Rivers found a way to win with Gates sidelined.
15.12.Tampa Bay Buccaneers5-3Impressive in defeat by hanging tough in Atlanta. Still haven't beat a good team.
16.24.Minnesota Vikings3-5Kept their season alive by overcoming a 14 point deficit in the final 5 minutes and winning in overtime. Considering they seem to hate each other it is interesting that Favre keeps figuring out a way to save Childress' ass.
17.18.Chicago Bears5-3Had to win in Buffalo.
18.14.Miami Dolphins4-4Suffered first road loss of the season.
19.15.Houston Texans4-4Can Kubiak survive another 8-8 disappointment?
20.23.Cleveland Browns3-5Outscored the Saints and Patriots by a combined 33 points in the last 2 weeks as Mangini puts a crimp in Holmgren's plan to return to coaching.
21.19.Washington Redskins4-4Can Shanahan and McNabb coexist? Does Shanahan care?
22.20.St. Louis Rams4-4Barring an injury to Bradford the season is already a success.
23.22.Jacksonville Jaguars4-4Picked up ground in the division while on bye thanks to losses by the Colts and Texans.
24.21.Seattle Seahawks4-4Hasselbeck's job is safe.
25.25.Arizona Cardinals3-5Would be running away with their division if they had any semblance of an NFL QB on the roster.
26.26.Cincinnati Bengals2-6Signing of TO proving brilliant. It's the rest of the team that sucks.
27.27.Detriot Lions2-6Stafford's inability to stay healthy is a major concern.
28.28.San Fransisco 49ers2-6Still have a chance in the division. Gotta love the NFC West.
29.30.Carolina Panthers1-7Playing out the string for lame duck Fox.
30.31.Denver Broncos2-6Can McDaniels survive? A home loss to the resurgent Chiefs coming off the bye certainly wouldn't help his cause.
31.32.Buffalo Bills0-8At least they're competitive.
32.29.Dallas Cowboys1-7A complete embarrassment. Phillips has mercifully been put out of his misery. Garrett gets to play out the string. I almost hope he has some success so Jones hires him full time. However unlikely.

*Last week's ranking
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