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Playoff Picture Very Clear

December 17, 2000 by Steel Tank

2000 Playoff Picture

2000 Playoff Picture

The Steelers have a slim chance indeed to get into the playoffs, but they do have the tiebreaker advantage against the Jets and Colts. Here�s why:

The Scenario: Jets, Colts and Steelers end up tied at 9-7. There is no way the Colts and Steelers can alone tie for the final wild-card spot. This is good because the Steelers would lose the tiebreaker to the Colts. This is even better considering the Jets will help eliminate the Colts from the picture � take a look.

Three-team wild-card Tiebreaker:

Step 1: Eliminate any teams from the same division. - This is very good for the Steelers.

Step 1a: Revert to two-team division tie: The Jets split with the Colts during the regular season, but have a better division record than the Colts.

Step1b: Eliminate the Colts from playoff competition due to a poorer division record compared to the Jets.

Step 2: Only two teams remain � revert to a two-team tiebreaker situation.

Step 2a: Check head to head competition.

Steelers beat the Jets 21-3 earlier in the year!!!

Step2b: Eliminate the Jets from playoff competition!

Step 3: Send your Pittsburgh Steelers into the playoffs! � A team no one wants to face.


Of course, this is all contingent on the Steelers winning at San Diego and the Jets losing to Baltimore and the Indy Colts losing to the Vikings. This is by no means out of the question. Both the Vikings and Ravens will want to win those games. It is possible that the Jets � struggling and hurt by injuries, and the Colts, burdened with a poor defense, will both lose next weekend.

The playoffs are a brand new season with plenty of opportunity � but the Steelers must first be fortunate enough to escape the season that is at hand.



Steel Tank

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