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Cowher admits fault for replay challenge

December 05, 2001 by Still Mill


Cowher: "My Fault" for poor challenge decision

From the Trib Review today:


Cowher admitted that he made a bad decision Sunday when he challenged an official's ruling that Kordell Stewart was tackled at the 1-yard line. Cowher's challenge took away a touchdown by Jerome Bettis, who dived into the end zone before officials could stop the play.

"When I hit my buzzer ... I was hoping it wouldn't work," Cowher said. "All of a sudden, he went into the end zone, (officials waved off the touchdown) and someone said, `What happened?'

"I felt like a little kid. I said, `I hit the buzzer.' "

When replay review failed to overturn the call, Bettis scored on the next play, anyway, but it took away the Steelers' last timeout of the half. They had used the other two because of technical difficulties with the headset in Stewart's helmet that he uses to get the plays from the bench.

"It was a bad decision on my part," Cowher said. "I had to sit there for the next (10) minutes (without a timeout). If there was a big play, I couldn't challenge it."


Let everyone remember Cowher's imbecility here. "I was hoping it (the buzzer) wouldn't work." There goes Cowher and his "hoping" again. "I hope we can keep the game close." "We're hoping we can do this." "I hope such & such happens this week." Cowher can't talk more than 2 minutes with expressing hope. Hope is for monks in prayer. Hope is for sick children awaiting surgery. Hope never won a football game. And this is just what I want to hear a head coach say -- "I felt like little kid." What a simpleton; what a dumbass.....

And folks, near tears, have the gaul to ask, "Why are you so hard on Bill Cowher?"�.

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