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Power Rankings (week 1)

September 08, 2010 by Steel Haven

1.4.New Orleans Saints13-3Deserve the top spot even though repeating is next to impossible.
2.2.Indianapolis Colts14-2Manning wins regular season games.... That's just what he does.
3.7.Green Bay Packers11-5High flying offensive paired with rapidly developing defense makes them a force to be reckoned with.
4.5.Dallas Cowboys11-5Can become the second team to win 400 games post merger with a victory in the opener over the Redskins. The Steelers were the first.
5.3.Minnesota Vikings12-4Hard to envision Favre being as good as last season.
6.1.San Diego Chargers13-3How will team respond to Smith's hard-line negotiating stance with Jackson and McNeil?
7.8.New England Patriots10-6Injuries to Warren and Bodden mean Brady, Moss and Welker need to put up humongous numbers to keep them competitive.
8.12.Baltimore Ravens9-7Transitioning from defensive powerhouse to offensive juggernaut. Can the defense hold up enough for them to make a legitimate run? Especially the corners with Reed out to start the season.
9.10.Cincinnati Bengals10-6Palmer needs to play better than last year.
10.14.Atlanta Falcons9-7Ryan took a small step back last season after his stellar rookie campaign. His continued development would make them extremely dangerous.
11.11.Pittsburgh Steelers9-7Have the talent to compete with anyone. The 2008 Super Bowl champions that were 6-2 and favorites to return to the big game before inexplicable losses to the Chiefs, Raiders and Browns sent them home early. Still rebounded to win their final three games. Need Dixon to get them 2 wins while Ben sits due to suspension. If that happens then the schedule after the bye is very manageable. At least barring another special teams collapse and debilitating defensive injuries.
12.20.New York Giants8-8Sort of the Steelers of the NFC. The 2007 Super Bowl champions that were 5-0 and favorites to go to the big game before the offensive line collapsed and the wheels fell off.
13.15.New York Jets9-7Ryan talks a good game, but I am not on the bandwagon. Replacing Jones with LT and Faneca with unproven youngsters can't help the running game. Sanchize will have to show me something more before I become a believer.
14.6.Philadelphia Eagles11-5Kolb and McCoy look like worthy replacements for McNabb and Westbrook.
15.18.San Fransisco 49ers8-8Improvement from Smith could vault them into legitimate contention.
16.16.Tennessee Titans8-8Should benefit from having a maturing VY at the helm from the start of the season.
17.13.Houston Texans9-7Can't seem to get over the hump after winning 8, 8 and 9 games in the last three seasons.
18.21.Miami Dolphins7-9Parcells turns over full control to Ireland, resigning his presidency to become a consultant, after taking over a 15 loss team and winning 18 games in two season. Don't be shocked if he surfaces again when another owner is willing to pay him multi-millions.
19.29.Washington Redskins4-12Will Snyder be able to leave Shanahan alone to do his job?
20.26.Oakland Raiders5-11While Campbell is not a game changer, his competence should be a welcome respite from the historical incompetence of Russell.
21.17.Carolina Panthers8-8Lame duck Fox tries to rally the youngest team in the league and save his job.
22.22.Chicago Bears7-9Lovie (and probably Angelo) bet their future on Cutler and Martz. Seems like a fools bet.
23.9.Arizona Cardinals10-6Never has the loss of one player affected the outlook for a team more than the retirement of Warner. QB situation is an ugly mess.
24.23.Jacksonville Jaguars7-9Treading water despite the best efforts of MJD.
25.30.Seattle Seahawks5-11Carroll won't have the talent advantage he enjoyed at USC. Or as high a payroll.
26.27.Kansas City Chiefs4-12Can Weis get more out of Cassel?
27.19.Denver Broncos8-8Last year's 6-0 start is a distant memory.
28.31.Detriot Lions2-14Appear pointed in the right direction.
29.24.Cleveland Browns5-11Mangini and Delhomme don't inspire much confidence.
30.28.Tampa Bay Buccaneers3-13Firing Gruden before last season hasn't worked out in the short term.
31.25.Buffalo Bills6-10Spiller will be fun to watch. The rest of the team after the uninspiring hire of Gailey as head coach.... Not so much.
32.32.St. Louis Rams1-15Bradford gives them a future (as long as his shoulder remains intact).

*2009 final regular season ranking
2009 final regular season record
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