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PFW on Casey Hamtpon, Stillers #1 pick

April 21, 2001 by Still Mill

PFW writeup on Hampton

PFW writeup on Hampton.... Except for the part about maybe being too heavy, and of course the lack of pass rushing ability (which I knew about), I like what I read.

Notes: Had a tough childhood but managed to survive it and make something special of himself. Played in every game as a true freshman in 1996 and started the last six regular-season games and the Fiesta Bowl at nose tackle. Tore his anterior cruciate ligament vs. Rice in the third game of the '97 season, had major knee surgery and got a medical redshirt. Came back to start 12 games in '98. Won All-America honors in '99, despite playing with a hernia. Had off-season surgery to correct the problem and missed spring ball. Returned in the fall and won All-Big 12 and All-America honors, as well as the Big 12's Defensive Player of the Year award. Hampton had 71 tackles, seven tackles for loss and one sack in '96; 13 tackles before he was hurt in '97; 60 tackles, eight tackles for loss and two sacks in '98; a team-high 101 tackles, 21 tackles for loss and three sacks in '99; and 78-18-31/2 in 2000. Positives: Great football character. Will play hurt. Self-starter. Always plays hard. Even when he is nearing empty, he will still continue to play hard. Leader. Pushes his underachieving teammates, such as Shaun Rogers. Very wide and thick build. Has tremendous lower- body strength, power and explosion and is strong in the upper body. Can play over the center, over the guard or in the gap. Has quick, strong, vice-like hands and uses them well. Very tough to block on running plays and can really clog up the middle. Negatives: Lacks height and may be a little too heavy. Looks a little tight in the hips at times and is not a really gifted athlete. Will never be a top pass rusher, despite the fact he is very tenacious, because of his height and lack of great long speed. May be close to as good as he can be. Summary: A true overachiever with a great motor. Can be a top run- stuffer in the middle of the line. But what you see is what you get, and he will not be another Warren Sapp or La'Roi Glover when it comes to rushing the quarterback. That said, he does have Sapp's leadership and Glover's love of the game and motor.


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