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Stillers Draft Board Preview

March 16, 2001 by Steel Hammer

Draft Board

Draft Board

Below is a preliminary draft board for our Steelers. I'm still working up my draft. The Hartings signing and Kirkland cut really threw a wrench into my outlook. You can probably see what I'm looking at by these players, though. They are just projections of where I think some players who I think the Steelers should be interested in, should go in the draft.

1st round

A- Drew Brees QB Purdue

B- Shaun Rogers DT Texas

C-Dan Morgan ILB Miami

D-Jamar Fletcher CB Wis.

E- Ken Lucas CB Ole Miss.

F-Steve Hutchinson G Michigan

G- Richard Seymour DT Georgia

2nd round

    1. Casey Hampton NT Texas
    2. Fred Smoot CB Miss. St
    3. Nate Clemmons CB OSU
    4. Gary Baxter CB Baylor
    5. Chad Ward G Wash
    6. Derrick Gibson S FSU
    7. Carlos Polk ILB Nebraska

4th round

    1. Ben Hamilton G/C Minnesota
    2. Torrance Marshall ILB Oklahoma
    3. Matt Light OT Purdue
    4. Marvin Minnis WR FSU
    5. Mike Gaudy G/OT
    6. Zeke Moreno ILB USC

5th round

    1. Jeremiah Pharms OLB Wash
    2. Brandon Spoon LB North Carolina
    3. Tay Cody CB FSU
    4. Ryan Pickett DT OSU
    5. Loren Kaiser DT Nebraska

6th round

    1. Scott Kempenich G Oklahoma
    2. David Mitchell DB OSU
    3. James Whitley CB Michigan
    4. Derek Combs RB OSU

7th round

    1. David Brandt C/G Mich
    2. Cleveland Pinkney DT South Carolina
    3. Pat Conniff FB Washington
    4. Karon Riley OLB/DE Minnesota

Steel Hammer

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