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CBS Sportline Mock-Draft on Steeler #1 pick

February 17, 2000 by Still Mill

CBS Sportsline�s Mock Steelers Pick

CBS Sportsline�s Mock Steelers Pick

CBS Sportsline latest mock draft, from Feb 4, has the Steelers taking Michigan St LB Julian Peterson, 6'5", 240 pounds.

Here are scouting notes from TFY draft preview on Peterson.

"Nice athlete with a real good feel for the game. Gives top effort and works to make the play. Lacks the great 40 time but still flies around the ball."

TFY draft preview rates this guy as the 7th best OLB which generally would make me doubt him being picked 8th. I have seen many mock drafts (including my own) that do not even include Peterson in the first round.

I will say Peterson seems to be moving up draft boards. Mel Krapper listed him in his players on the rise. Kiper did not have him in his top 50 in mid-January, but rates him 21 as of 2/6. PFW just redid their mock draft and has Peterson going 15 to GB. By the way PFW has the Steelers taking FSU DT Chris Simon. I will stick with my belief the Steelers will end up with Alabama OT Chris Samuel, especially given Rooney's comments on Fox Sports the other nite about how he feels having strong lines on offense & defense is very important.

Now, it does seems like Pete had an excellent week of Senior Bowl practices. Here are comments from CBS Sportsline...

"One of the best players on the field over the week of practices. Peterson has the speed off the edge to be a fine playmaker in any type of scheme."

Based on that, I don't think Field Goal Bill will be interested at all. He'd rather have Jason Gildon and Carla Emmons titty fight and play grabass with the OTs, than having someone with speed off the edge and someone who is a playmaker.

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