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Power Rankings (week 3)

September 23, 2009 by Steel Haven

1.3.New York Giants2-0Manningham is helping Manning forget Burress.
2.8.New Orleans Saints2-0Offensive juggernaut.
3.7.Baltimore Ravens2-0Defense has taken a step back. Offense has taken a great leap forward.
4.5.Indianapolis Colts2-0Scored 27 points despite running only 35 offensive plays.
5.6.Minnesota Vikings2-0Favre makes them a legitimate contender even though his offseason indecisiveness makes my brain want to explode.
6.10.Atlanta Falcons2-0Ryan and Smith have not taken a step backwards in their second season.
7.1.Pittsburgh Steelers1-1Failed to make big plays on defense, repeatedly took bad penalties, couldn't finish their fourth quarter drives on offense and missed a pair of makeable field goals in the clutch. Things that simply did not happen in 2008.
8.14.New York Jets2-0Walked the walk against the Patriots after talking the talk.
9.2.New England Patriots1-1Best case scenario is that they are out of synch and just need time to get things sorted out.
10.4.San Diego Chargers1-1Turner is clueless. AJ Smith may be even worse.
11.9.Philadelphia Eagles1-1Need McNabb back even with Kolb, Vick and Garcia on the roster.
12.17.San Fransisco 49ers2-0Singletary deserves credit for their early success even though I don't believe it will continue.
13.15.Chicago Bears1-1Won when Cutler didn't turn the ball over. Could this be the begining of a trend?
14.18.Arizona Cardinals1-1Fitzgerald shouldn't have to apologize for calling Warner an old man. Warner is an old man. Even though he is 10 years and 17 days younger than me.
15.20.Houston Texans1-1Survived Chris Johnson scoring on plays of 57, 69 and 91 yards. Luckily they have Andre Johnson.
16.11.Dallas Cowboys1-1Stadiums don't win games.
17.12.Tennessee Titans0-2One of three teams along with the Cowboys and Dolphins to rush for over 220 yards and lose.
18.24.Denver Broncos2-0Conquered the state of Ohio.
19.25.Cincinnati Bengals1-1Ocho Cinco reportedly paid Packers fans to greet him in a Lambeau leap. Not sure whether that reflects poorly on Ocho Cinco or Packers fans.
20.13.Green Bay Packers1-1Rodgers fell to 2-7 in games decided by 7 points or less. That is not good enough regardless of the stats he has managed to put up.
21.21.Miami Dolphins0-2Controlled the ball on offense for 45 minutes and still got beat by Manning.
22.22.Washington Redskins1-1Offensive woes makes the trip to Detroit worrisome.
23.27.Buffalo Bills1-1Jackson is building an argument that he should continue to start even when Lynch returns from suspension.
24.26.Oakland Raiders1-1Won despite being outgained 409 yards to 166.
25.16.Seattle Seahawks1-1So much for Hasselbeck being healthy.
26.19.Carolina Panthers0-2Could this be Cowher's next job?
27.23.Jacksonville Jaguars0-2About the only thing to look forward to is a move to Los Angeles.
28.28.Tampa Bay Buccaneers0-2Riding a 6 game losing streak.
29.29.Cleveland Browns0-2Mangini is now fining players the maximum for not paying for purchases from the mini-bar/refrigerator on road trips. Gotta love him. At least as long as you don't play for him.
30.30.Kansas City Chiefs0-2Not a good sign when you can't beat Oakland at home.
31.31.St. Louis Rams0-2Touchdown pass from Bulger to Robinson in Washington was their first (and only) points of the season.
32.32.Detriot Lions0-219 straight losses and counting.

*Last week's ranking
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