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Stillers Waste $, Roster Spot on Blackwell Signing

May 08, 2001 by Still Mill

Stillers Waste Money, Roster Spot on Signing of Blackwell

Stillers Waste Money, Roster Spot on Signing of Blackwell

In typical Stiller fashion, the team that hasn't sniffed the playoffs in 3 years has decided to re-sign WR Will Jackwell to a multi-year deal, no less.

It's moves like this that separates the champs from the chumps. Here's Jackwell -- a man who has done nothing in four consecutive seasons, being re-signed in the name of "a veteran signing". Veteran, my ass. The guy has spent the vast part of his pitiful career, either injured or standing on the sidelines jacking his beanstalk. This is no more a veteran signing than if the team elected to re-sign Mike Adams or Chris Conrad.

Just look at Blackwell's pitiful career. In four seasons, he's started a whopping 2 games. He's caught an amazing 2 TD passes, one of which occurred in '98 when a medium-length floater bounced off the helmet of a DB and settled into the arms of a standing-around Jackwell, who then jogged untouched to the end zone. KO returns?? Puh-leeze. The guy BLOWS. He's a feeble tip-toer who shies away from the first sight of contact. His one KO-return TD came in '97, when the Stillers fooled Benny Thompson and the entire Raven coverage unit by inserting Thigpen into the game for a fake reverse. Blackwell had a lane 34-feet wide to run freely to the end zone. His other KO-return for a TD came against a beleaguered Chargers team this past season. Wow. Big deal.

If the team wanted a true veteran WR, fine. Go GET a TRUE vet WR, in the mold of a Don Beebe or a Charlie Joiner or a Steve Tasker. In other words, someone who is: a.) already proven b.) has some useable skills c.) can contribute d.) adds value. Will Jackwell offers NONE of these attributes, and as such, is wasting cap money and a roster space.

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