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Power Rankings (week 7)

October 20, 2010 by Steel Haven

1.2.Pittsburgh Steelers4-1Victory and return of Big Ben overshadowed by the NFL's overreaction to weekend of big hits and it's affect on the psyche of Harrison.
2.3.New York Jets5-1Winning in Denver on a short work week was impressive.
3.6.New England Patriots4-1Brady won his 23rd straight regular season home start, second most all time for a QB just 2 behind Favre.
4.1.Baltimore Ravens4-2Hard to expect them to beat the Patriots, Jets and Steelers all on the road. Early season schedule has been brutal.
5.5.New York Giants4-2Can put a stake in the Cowboys hearts this coming week in Dallas.
6.7.Indianapolis Colts4-2Jaws lost some credibility saying Manning was no longer playing at a high level.
7.8.New Orleans Saints4-2Offense finally played up to their capabilities in Tampa.
8.10.Tennessee Titans4-2Collins held his own on Monday night in a hostile environment after the injury to VY.
9.12.Philadelphia Eagles4-2Performance of Kolb and Vick presents an interesting dilemma.
10.4.Atlanta Falcons4-2Spanked in Philadelphia. Hit by Robinson on Jackson was brutal, but quite frankly not a blow to the head or illegal by rule. Penalty and fine of Robinson was a knee jerk reaction to the result of the hit.
11.14.Houston Texans4-2Loss of Ryans for the season isn't going to help the struggling defense.
12.21.Miami Dolphins3-2Undefeated on the road. Winless at home.
13.11.Washington Redskins3-3Proof that coaching can make a difference.
14.9.Chicago Bears4-2Couldn't overcome Cutler being sacked 6 times and completing less the 50% of his passes coming back from a concussion despite Hester tying the NFL career record of 13 kick/punt returns for TDs.
15.13.Green Bay Packers3-3Suffered a second straight overtime defeat. Decimated by injuries.
16.23.Minnesota Vikings2-3Saved their season. Trip to Green Bay gives them an opportunity to make a statement.
17.25.Seattle Seahawks3-2Lynch gave them the running game they so desperately needed.
18.18.Arizona Cardinals3-2Whisenhunt deserves credit for having them over .500.
19.16.Kansas City Chiefs3-2Burnt by a horrendous late pass interference penalty when Johnson clearly pushed off on Flowers, not the other way around as called.
20.19.Cincinnati Bengals2-3Had 2 weeks to be haunted by their loss in Cleveland.
21.15.Tampa Bay Buccaneers3-2Not ready to compete against teams like the Saints and Steelers.
22.28.St. Louis Rams3-3Worst to first with a rookie QB seems like a legitimate possibility.
23.17.San Diego Chargers2-4Lost both Gates and Floyd to injury in addition to losing to the vastly less talented Rams. Could this finally be the end of Smith and Turner or will they again survive because of a second half surge and a lack of competition in the division.
24.20.Jacksonville Jaguars3-3Boring town. Boring team. Can we please keep them out of prime time.
25.22.Dallas Cowboys1-4Tin men.
26.24.Denver Broncos2-4Hamstrung by the complete lack of a running game.
27.30.San Fransisco 49ers1-5Took the shackles of Smith and benefited in the second half.
28.26.Oakland Raiders2-4Failed to win back-to-back games for the first time since 2008 and be .500 after 6 games for the first time since 2002.
29.27.Detriot Lions1-5Tied their own league record of 24 straight road losses. Did put up a fight in the swamps of Jersey.
30.29.Cleveland Browns1-5McCoy was better than advertised.
31.31.Carolina Panthers0-5Decision to return to Moore at QB over the bye made sense. Clausen was not ready.
32.32.Buffalo Bills0-5Owner Wilson celebrated his 92nd birthday on Sunday by not having to watch his team play. That is a present.

*Last week's ranking
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