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Merry Christmas from The Mailman

December 26, 2008 by Guest

Merry Christmas Stillers fans! 


- Dave Rambo Edwards was a hard hitting safety that played for the Steelers during the strike in 1987 and stuck around afterwards. He leveled receivers when the NFL allowed it.

- My take on the Titans game is it might be what the Steelers needed if they are serious about going the distance. A game like that brings a team back down to earth and lets them know they still need to improve. That aside, the unsportsmanlike conduct call on the field goal was a horseshit call. Are we supposed to believe that Chris Hoke is the only player that does this? You don�t make that call in a big game like that. It is just another example of the Steelers getting screwed by officiating all season long.

- I will be absolutely disgusted if Arians survives this off-season. Give some young coach a shot with some fresh ideas. What was LeBeau thinking rushing three men on third and twenty? This is the worst coaching call I have ever seen him make. Collins can�t run and he has mediocre receivers and LeBeau let him sit back with all day to throw.

- The game against Cleveland should be a tune-up for the playoffs. The Steelers need to fix the rushing game against the Browns. We should see Essex, Anthony Smith,  Leftwich , Russell, Sweed [a lot] and  Patrick Bailey on defense.  Let us hope the Steelers got all of their shitty play and coaching out of their system against the Titans.,

- Regardless of how this season ends the Steelers need to part ways with Foote, Marvel Smith, Hampton, etc. The jury is still out on Anthony Smith, Starks and Nate Washington. The Steelers need to draft both offensive and defensive linemen period.  They also need a kick returner in the worst way.  Just think where the Steelers would be if they had gotten anything out of this year�s draft.  Deservedly so, Patrick Bailey was the Steelers rookie of the year but you would think it would be a first or second rounder.

- Finally, let us hope the Steelers get another crack at the Titans. You think other teams would learn their lesson from TJ Losermanzadah that you don�t get a trophy for a regular season victory. That classy display should be expected from the Titans. Their only Super Bowl appearance was due to the referees blowing the Music City Miracle call against the Bills. It was an obvious forward pass to anyone but that referee crew. Last check Steelers five rings, Titans-Oilers zero. Remember R.J. Bowers?

                                            Yours in Steelerism,

                                                      The Still Mailman


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