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My Christmas Wish List

December 25, 2000 by Still Mill

My Christmas Wish List

My Christmas Wish List

I'm not sure if I was good or nice, but nevertheless I submitted my Christmas wish list to Ol' Santa last week. For the faithful readers, here's a copy of it:

* That Levon Kirkland participates in a real workout regimen in the offseason -- a la Bill Romanowski -- so that Kirkland can drop the extra 25 pounds he's been carrying & so that he can at least come somewhat close to this '97 production & impact, and so that we can at least justify maybe half of his outrageous $5.5M cap hit.

* That the Stillers go out and hire a real WR coach, and along with that, consider bringing in Jerry Rice to serve as a combination 3rd WR, coach, and mentor.

* That Troy Edwards and Jaxico Burress do some growing-up and maturing in the offseason, and come to camp in shape and mentally focused enough to be able to catch a brick heaved out of an overhead jumbo jet.

* That Dan Kreider to be named as next year's starter at FB right now, a status he has unquestionably earned.

* That the miserly Stillers go out and hire a QB coach.

* That Kevin Gilbride gets a can't-refuse contract offer from the XFL.

* That Tim Lewis watches the playoffs, and sees what aggressive, in-your-face defense can do to help win a game.

* That the Stillers will give up the ridiculous pipe dream that Dirt Dawson has another 5 years left in the NFL and that there's no need to go out and get a real center in the draft or via free agency.

* That if Bettis' contract demands are too steep, the Stillers cut the apron strings and move on, using that $5 or $6 million to sign much needed help at DE, OG, and/or CB.

* That the team won't dwell too long and too fondly if they beat up on a hapless, totally inept Charger team in the season finale, and instead that they spend more time dwelling on the whippings administered by Baltimore, Jax, and the Giants.

* That Richard Huntley be given more work next season than just running draw plays on 3rd & 9 or swing passes on 3rd and 13.

* That the collective offense next season have some semblance of cohesion, knowledge, and integration before, say, October 15th.

* That Joey Porter be allowed to spend more time rushing the QB and less time back in coverage.

* That Hank Poteat be allowed to return all punts next season, not just ones that are outside the 20-yard line.

* That Amoz Zeroue either be used for what he's best at doing -- running wide and catching passes out of the backfield -- or be given his freedom so that he can ply his trade where it might be more appreciated and valued.

* That Courtney "Pee Pee" Hawkins be allowed to go on with his "life's work" and retire forever from football.

I didn't think this was too excessive, so hopefully Ol' Santa will come through for me!! Merry Christmas!

The Still Mill

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