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Power Rankings (week 13)

December 02, 2009 by Steel Haven

1.1.New Orleans Saints11-0Brees torched the Patriots secondary averaging just over 16 yards per attempt and throwing 5 touchdowns.
2.2.Indianapolis Colts11-0Clinched their division. Caldwell tied Mariucci for the most consecutive wins by a rookie head coach since 1950.
3.3.Minnesota Vikings10-1Favre shows no signs of slowing down completing 32 of 48 passes for 392 yards and 3 TDs against a Bears team focused on stopping Purple Jesus.
4.6.San Diego Chargers8-3Turned 4 turnovers into 28 points to win in a walk.
5.7.Cincinnati Bengals8-3Completed their sweep of the AFC North with the newly signed LJ topping 100 yards rushing.
6.8.Dallas Cowboys8-3Would undoubtedly enjoy prematurely ending the season of the reeling Giants in the swamps of Jersey.
7.4.New England Patriots7-4Lost to an NFC team in the regular season for the first time since September 2005.
8.12.Green Bay Packers7-4How did they lose to the Bucs?
9.5.Arizona Cardinals7-4Face off between Leinart and VY had the same outcome as the 2006 Rose Bowl.
10.13.Philadelphia Eagles7-4Escaped unlike in Oakland after playing down to the level of the Redskins.
11.15.Baltimore Ravens6-5Overcame 5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles.
12.10.Pittsburgh Steelers6-5Lost for a second straight week after winning the coin toss for OT. Real problem wasn't the offense or Dixon's OT interception. Although the interception was clearly the death knell. The bigger issue was the defenses inability to stop the game tying field goal drive that started on the 10 and featured a 3rd and 22 followed by a 4th and 5.
13.16.Denver Broncos7-4McDaniels avoided becoming the first coach in NFL history to ever lose 5 straight after winning his first 6.
14.17.Tennessee Titans5-6VY improved to 5-0 as the starter thanks to a 99 yard TD drive capped by a 10 yard pass to Britt in the end zone as time expired.
15.9.New York Giants6-5Clearly didn't want to be in Denver on Thanksgiving.
16.18.Atlanta Falcons6-5Won in the final seconds despite losing both Ryan and Turner to injury.
17.21.San Fransisco 49ers5-6Smith was turnover free for the first time this season as a starter running a majority of plays out of the shotgun, spread offense. His comfort zone.
18.11.Jacksonville Jaguars6-5Fell to 1-4 when failing to get MJD 20 or more carries.
19.14.Miami Dolphins5-6Gave up 24 unanswered 4th quarter points in a loss in Buffalo. Yes, you read that right.
20.24.New York Jets5-6Defense had to enjoy picking off Delhomme 4 times while the turnover prone Sanchez actually managed to throw only a single interception. Sanchez actually fell from 2nd to 4th in interceptions thanks to 4 each by Delhomme and Stafford. Cutler was picked off twice to remain the undisputed king.
21.19.Houston Texans5-6Blew a 13 point half time lead as Schaub turned the ball over 3 times in the 2nd half. Co-favorite with the Bears to land Cowher.
22.20.Carolina Panthers4-7Former front runner seems to be fading in the Cowher derby. Probably because Cowher wants no part of Delhomme.
23.26.Seattle Seahawks4-7Forsett had 130 of their 170 net rushing yards a week after they totaled 4 rushing yards against the Vikings.
24.29.Buffalo Bills4-7Beneficiaries of 4 interceptions against the Dolphins.
25.22.Chicago Bears4-7Remember when they were 3-1? Cutler threw 2 more interceptions to bring his season total to 20. That's 2 more than Delhomme and Stafford, his closest competition.
26.23.Kansas City Chiefs3-8Charles got into the end zone for a 3rd straight game which has added meaning for me since I picked him up in my fantasy league.
27.25.Oakland Raiders3-8Who thought it would be a good idea to schedule them for a prime time game on Thanksgiving?
28.27.Washington Redskins3-8Playing better without Portis. Still not going anywhere.
29.28.Detriot Lions2-9Might have been better served to let Stafford heal on Thanksgiving rather than throwing him to the wolves.
30.30.Tampa Bay Buccaneers1-10Blew a lead in the final seconds for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. Freeman's rapid development gives them hope for the future.
31.31.St. Louis Rams1-10Done in by a pair of Boller interceptions. Not exactly a shocker.
32.32.Cleveland Browns1-10Cribbs is the first player in league history to top 1000 kickoff return yards in each of his first 5 seasons.

*Last week's ranking
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